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Thank you Mike! Your "Finding the view..." is very inspirational! About the zooms... We often forget those accessories named shoes, very useful to walking forward and walking back for framing, avoiding to wonder about the variable aperture and with a fast aperture prime lens. But the more important point is that there are different kind of photographers. Zooms are great to a lot of people and of course it's good bussines for the photo market, but a creative minory prefer good old prime lenses; I have often carried my Leica in a pocket and a OVF in the other and I have composed, studied and "felt" the photo looking through the OVF alone, without the camera! The OVF in an autofocus camera is perfect, a clean and creative tool. In my personal and subjective opinion the E-P1 with the 17(34)mm is a better camera than the Lumix/Leica or the Sigma; and Leica lenses via the adapter ring are a wonderful option. Manual lenses...? It is a plus! Thank you again, Mike, And thanks to T.O.P. Juan Carlos Villegas