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That was the same problem I had last week but you had two options to get to the vote; clicking on the thumbnail collection or clicking on the word "here" in the sentence below. Glad you got it fixed. I have another question. Always before when I've clicked on the individual designers links in the list I've gone to the design page in Spoonflower. There I could look at the design more closely and also in 1 yard, which I found helpful in deciding which designs to vote on. This week I just go to a page that shows the design the same size as the contest and doesn't allow me to switch to swatch or yard views. Is this a new set-up or is it something with my new browser? I much preferred being able to see the designs in more detail!
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This is very cute and is one of the four or five fabrics that I thought had a real chance of winning. I'm getting better at picking which design will win; maybe that will help me design a winner.
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I agree with the three posts above; that a designer shouldn't enter if they don't want to follow the rules. I noticed the mention in the voting announcement that no one was eliminated for "bending the rules". A couple of these designs "bent" the rules like making a paperclip "bends" a wire. I feel that allowing the designs that broke the rules in the contest, even if they get just a few votes, skews the results and isn't fair to the people who did follow the rules. Personally I think it spurs more creativity to work with-in the rules; that's part of what makes it a challenge. Only a few of the contests have had real restrictions; so lets honor them when they're there. I know some people may have had a problem matching the colors; especially if they hand draw their designs. And they couldn't be matched exactly by using the color chart. It was very useful to have the HEX numbers; I just typed those numbers into my program. In some cases, certain tools created varying intensities of the colors; but that was allowed.
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I would be very hesitant to try this on Spoonflower fabric; maybe experiment with some small scraps first to be sure they will be colorfast. The directions for the oilcloth say to use oil-based paints and dyes and Spoonflower's dyes are water-based.
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