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Shakespeare, Oregon
Teen Librarian
Interests: I read 400+ books a year. Interests are characterized by or exhibiting variety; various; diverse; diversified.
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I get paid to be on the computer and read... a Library Media Specialist. I run three libraries in my school district and contribute books and my personal time to two more libraries in the county. During the summer I raise my 8 year old and teach fun classes.
I won't spoil it for you, but I really enjoyed listening to parts on the audiobook that did not make it into the movie. Zachary reads so expressively and fluently that I am looking forward to anything else he might chose to read. I know a couple local actors that read audiobooks. It is always interesting to talk to them and ask them what they pictured in their mind while reading. I wish I knew if Zachary was picturing his fellow actors from the Star Trek movie.
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I'm teaching a class for 6-10 year old girls which combines reading the American Girl doll series (historical fiction) and then sewing costumes and creating poli-clay props. The end goal is for the girls to have educational fun and create little plays using their American Girl dolls.
I think Leonard looks like my father (same generation) but Zachary does not. How can that be if they look so similar?
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Jul 31, 2009
Hi Mel My libraries accept advanced reader copies (I'm just saying) and the teens love graphic novels! Will the Jim Henson company allow a Zachary Quinto look-a-like Fraggle to be created??
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I think he would be Halo (have to change the hair color) from Halo and Sprocket by Kerry Callen. I noticed that Archaia is working with the Jim Henson company and may produce "Fraggle Rock" comics. Which came first, Zachary's singing Fraggle Rock or Archaia's interest in teaming with the Henson company?
I have that video bookmarked ( Bahahah stripey sweater). Zachary had written a speech that showed his commitment to bringing change to our(at that time) present political agenda by encouraging people to vote for Obama. In the speech he pointed out Obama's record on discouraging the influence of political lobbyists. I think Obama has a long way to go on that. The rest of Zachary's speech reflected my hopes for what Obama would do if he were elected. Great speech!
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I am going to agree with supporting local coffee shops. There are many in this town, and I was sad to see our first Starbucks move in and take over. My 20 something neighbors are struggling to keep their funky little shop open.
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I am not SARMY, but have found my way here. Zachary Quinto posted that he is at ComicCon. Do you read comics? Which ones? One of my favorites is Tintin. It is being made into a film. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
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Jul 22, 2009