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somewhere out there but mainly in san diego
it's all good: 1 hubby, 2 kiddos and 4 doggies
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Ryan!! You take care of yourself, you hear? (said in my best Mommy voice). I am still bummed that I missed the Anaheim/L.A. performances, but I know I will see you all soon. {{{{{hugs}}}}}}}
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I met Anna because of you. After I found out about her death I couldn't cry. I was numb. I thought maybe something was wrong with me because I couldn't let it go. Yet, after I read your post, I had a good cry. Here in my office (luckily no students are here yet :) I miss her a lot and you just gave her a wonderful tribute. I'm going to really miss not seeing you next week. I wish there was a way for me to get up to LA, but it's the first week of school and it's crazy busy around here. I'll have Shannon give you a hug from me. d
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Ditto everything she said (except the doing the West Coast part ;-( ) I've probably pestered you more than enough.
ha ha. I just posted that on your other post. I have waaay worse pictures. That one you have on Facebook (that I took) is much worse.
I've got worse ones ;-)
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Yay. reregistered and am not "None" anymore. Continue reading
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