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Another wonderful project Pimm. I love the thought of beurre noisette ice cream. Can't wait to make it. The photo's are mouth watering!
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Now this is a real treat! My herb garden is covered in lemon thyme flowers...I have some poulet eggs - sounds like I have a project on my hands for today. Pim - Thank you for taste memory. I use to use herb flowers in a salad that I use to make at a four start kitchen in NYC. It was all the rage at the time. I once had a salad sent back because there were flowers and petals in it. Chef marched out of the kitchen and insisted that the customer try it. Let's just say he had a persuasive personality. I also know at tea rooms herb flowers are often combined with butter - yum!
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I can taste the french fries at Brasserie Lipp. A Belge cook I know and love taught me the double dip lard only french fry technique. Once I crossed that line, I could never go back. There is a wonderful pork butcher at the Union Square Market in NYC - Violette Hill. They sell the most fantastic organic pig fat that can be rendered. Perfect. And if fried correctly, the food creates a pool of water around itself and the oil does not saturate the food. See Harold Mc Gee for a far better description of the fat frying process. Everything in moderation!
Toggle Commented Jun 20, 2009 on Lard, your fat of choice? at chez pim
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