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Cleo is right. I first started playing in Dead End a little over a year ago. The players were so good back then, I didn't think I would ever fit in. But after some encouragement from some of the 'old hands' I really got into it and had a lot of fun, as well as learning a few things along the way. It's sad that DE is no longer a "Unique kidnap BDSM sim." So many people spent time and effort creating a really good sim to roleplay in. You can have the best build in SL, but without rp'ers like Sarah, Cally, Cleo, Stefi, Summer, Gary, Nico, Jacobi, Dwight, Kara, Kay, Leslie, Lucy, Kie, Kire and many others, who made DE something different, you just have biker/fight/combat/poseball sim #350.
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