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Ultimately a game in April is worth the same as a game in September. I like September callups because team's know where they stand, so if they're out of the playoff race they can provide their youngsters with a bit more experience.
I know there's a lot of talk around the pitchers, but I really like Elvis Andrus. His defensive play has been fantastic this season, the guy is going to be a rock for the Rangers.
Not gonna happen with Red Sox/Yankees, but Phil Hughes blows anyway, the Jays wouldn't want him.
i could see the Cards making a move for him, his versatility is so helpful it would provide insurance regardless of the Glaus outcome
Vince Carter in his younger days?
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2009 on The Ultimate NBA Player at The Sports Hernia Blog
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I liked the idea of trying to get Jack Wilson as a defensive replacement at short, any possibility that might still happen?
Talk about a bad move for Ayala...why would you want to go to Pittsburgh?
I agree, I think Chicago will make a play for him. He's the perfect type of guy for mid-season pickup if you need a solution at basically any position since he is so versatile.
This seems pretty expected, the Rockies will only trade him if they get a real good return, which they might very well do if they wait a little bit.