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Chris Henn
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Am I supposed to be impressed?
Do you play a munchkin in the movie?
Are you still hassling decent honest people with your BS attention seeking supposed cause? Get a life midget. Catherine Parker has more integrity and class in her pinky then you will in your vertically challenged pathetic carcass-- Now do the right thing and go play a munchkin in the Wizard of Oz play somewhere. Bring Floatie they can fit him or her in as one of those ugly flying monkeys. Loser
You are a midget---
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2013 on Memorial Day Remarks from Rye Mayor at
Why would anyone run for office with ass-oles like yourselves with no f--ing life harassing them for any decisions they dare to make?
Good come back elf!! Follow follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road!!
Ray, I must ask you--were you always the kid picked last for the kickball team? Midget--midget--Napoleon Complex--little man that wastes time--butt ugly--etc---Napoleon complex is an informal term describing an alleged type of psychological phenomenon which is said to exist in persons, usually men, of short stature. It is characterized by overly-aggressive or domineering social behavior, and carries the implication that such behavior is compensatory for the subjects' stature. Sound familiar Ray?
Ray, can we buy you off to go annoy another decent community? Perhaps Scarsdale? Midget---get some elevator shoes--
He is a sick puppy and a complete ass-h-le. He takes pleasure out of harassing us with his merit-less cause. He won't confront individuals that complain about him parking his parade in front of homes. He is also a coward. Ray, elevator shoes are the answer..
Who cares what you think midget? Dont you live in Purchase? Get the elevator shoes!!! Will solve your insecurity issues! Did you get all that info on lifts I sent to your office? Follow follow follow follow the yellow brick road!
Yes D I have to admit I watched Sackass on Rye TV and he does seem like a major prick. Little Napoleon kind of like Ray. Spread the word to voters with reason soon...
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2013 on Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice at
Elevator Shoes can solve all of this!
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2013 on Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice at
Lets all chip in and get Ray some lifts. Man needs elevator shoes to feel like a man. Ray, help. A size 7 on those midget feet? Here to help Ray...
I suggest Ray Tarfaglione should be our Mayor.. Mayor Midget!! Thats what I say!!
Toggle Commented Jan 21, 2013 on State of Rye City 2013: The Transcript at
You are correct! Lets buy that minesweeper. What do you think Ray?
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2013 on State of Rye City 2013: The Transcript at
Midget, please include me in all those that screwed you! Please! It sounds like good company. Did you get all those elevator shoes ads I sent to your office? Thank me later--trying to help!
Ray, you really are in a state of total delusion.--skipping rocks is going to cause an explosion because of some supposed tanks that you allege are lurking below the waterline. Do you actually read your own posts? Go to Darien and audition for the munchkin part--put your talents to good use so you can exercise your boredom and entertain adults and children alike. Contribute to the community instead of these fruitless tactics Ray. We will forgive you.
You are so correct naval mine sweeper. I saw a kid and his father skipping rocks at the Marsh Sanctuary! Didn't fool me! They were special agents of the Hen Island Team of Doom! Save us Ray!!!!!!!!
Go ahead up to Albany midget--they will love ignoring you there!! " we are off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful midget from Rye (Purchase)" Maybe they can look to cancel some of your towing contracts! Let me make a call and tell them to expect your ignorant, self centered ugly ass. Everyday I get closer midget, everyday..
Hey D! Its nice to see someone else out this miserable publicity seeking midget. I tried to get him interested in theater as a munchkin in Darien's upcoming production of Wizard of Oz to keep him occupied but he chooses to bother decent folks with his completely meritless tirade.
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2013 on State of Rye City 2013: The Transcript at
Lets print a true story Ray like you are ther worlds biggest ass---e and are a midget. Although that is not really news, everyone knows it... hmmmm
Ray, do you ever get sick of being the biggest ass--le in all the world? Were you always the kid that got picked last for the kickball team?
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2012 on Rye PBA Paints Otis Blue at
Ray, you still at this meritless cause? Here, a helpful link where you can help another community that could use you! THE WIZARD OF OZ is looking for a group of 12 skilled dancers and singers engaged in an ongoing study of acting, music and/or dance to perform timeless classics such as "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead," and help bring this national treasure to the Birmingham stage. The selected children will be from an existing group and will be based on the best overall group talent. No individual children and/or partial group will be selected nor allowed to audition. Ray, your time to shine!
You are a lonely piece of sh-t Ray, for sure--check out you can find someone---and leave us tax payers in Rye alone-- Wear the elevator shoes on the first date-- Good Luck!
Why would anyone run for office in Rye, Ray, when they know you are going to put your parade in front of their home? Hen Island, (Kudor Colony) is in compliance. I am telling you Ray those elevator shoes will solve all! Admit you have a Napoleon complex and let us in Rye go about our business. Happy Easter Ray!