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Steve Leibson
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May I remind you that some of us journalists started as engineers. When we're spun, we asked more probing questions until we either got the technical answer we wanted or gave it up as a lost cause. Get the right person for an interview and the spin quickly melts away.
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It's interesting the Gabe defines a blogger by what he or she is and not by what he or she does. Personally, I find the "does" aspect far more relevant. I publish two blogs on sites that are clearly journalistic sites (EDN and I've passed muster with the chief editors that run those sites but not with Gabe? Something's very wrong about that. There's also something very wrong about someone making such public declarations when they work for DAC but don't make the relevant decisions. Gabe is a pseudo-authoritative spokesperson for DAC. Yesterday, I got a call from the DAC registration people. I had two badges lined up. One was my press badge. The other was for speaking on the Hogan's Heroes Pavilion panel. I've had multiple DAC badges for decades because of necessity: press, exhibitor, speaker, they all confer different privileges on the wearer. The caller claimed they were cracking down on multiple badges because they wanted correct counts. Gabe's piece makes me wonder just what's going on. Will DAC truly bite the hands that feed it for the "cost" of a badge?
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