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Still kind of struggling with the "destiny" concept. It may certainly be a strongly held belief, but having a destiny is well beyond the emergence of technology. Even looking back in time, I would not say that Fire, Highways, or Aviation had a "destiny" to fulfill, but they did fill a need and a void in a certain point in time and continue to do so. Will they in the future? For how long? I don't know, but they certainly are not "destined" for demise, are they?
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Curt - Sweet response.
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Is there any factor that anonymity on-line allows more freedom to be accurately introspective? Or is it easier to embellish or state what a person believes about themselves without fear of being "called out" by those that do know our actual selves? I'm not ready to commit to a degenerative effect on the social skills of the Y generation or to the development of a wider social circle having the greatest impact. It is pretty evident, however, that each holds some truths - both positive and negative.
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Scott - I missed the opportunity (filled quicker than I expected) but have heard good comments from colleagues. Sounds like you have some interest around the state. Hope you don't wait too long before setting up another bootcamp with SAI. Good Luck.
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