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Vacaville, CA
Interests: Reading, blogging, video games, investing, golf, travel
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The people are behind repealing DADT, the military is behind repealing it, The Congress is behind repealing it, but here we are with it still on the books. Everyone is afraid to take the lead and just do it for fear of the possible fallout. You are going to have certain homophobes who will get out and that's just what they need to do. In America, we stand for freedom and if some don't want to accept that, they can go fuck themselves. They don't realize that any civilian company they work will have out gay employees. Their homophobia at a company will get them fired. Discrimination has no place in a work environment, and the military is no different.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2009 on How to repeal DADT at Citizen Crain
I was disheartened by Senator Gillibrand's decision to shelve this. Even if she couldn't get the necessary support, we need leaders who are willing to push it to the limit. It seems to me that they fold at the slightest resistance.
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2009 on DADT and the Senate at Citizen Crain
The ability to resolve differences peacefully
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