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Thank you Colleen for the work you're doing here. The buildings and locations that you're documenting may be eyesores to some, but they also represent places where the collective past of the city pokes through into the present. I think these places often go unnoticed, at least on a conscious level, but they're landmarks whether people realize it or not--bits and pieces of our own fragmented ghost town. --David Pye
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2009 on TV Service Shop at Abandoned Baton Rouge
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Politivore: The old auditorium was impressive indeed. I was sad when it was torn down, as it was the building that really cemented that mid-century modernist feel of the school's physical plant. I was able to find one grainy black-and-white image of the auditorium at The photo is part of an article from the magazine and website _225_ about the closing of Lee High. The article can be found at Ms. Kane: You may know this from your research, but the auditorium was located in the area that is now a grassy field, to the right of the main school buildings as you look at the site. And your blog is WONDERFUL, by the way--thank you for doing this work!!!
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2009 on Lee High School at Abandoned Baton Rouge
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