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I’m past inventor and 2 years into patent examination. I wish to learn interesting topics of law on the web site. I regard the inventorship question raised by Max interesting and important to the patent system role in encouraging ground breaking inventions. I hope to see the counter argument why this is not an issue but I failed to detect a direct reply to Max’s question. Contrary to incremental improvement type of inventions, the ground breaking inventions are speculative/conceptual. Pitt’s scientists scenario has similarity to Schockley’s attempt to exclude Bardeen and Brattain from transistor patent. Science Fiction movies already speculate various “inventive concepts” (according to the loose standard) and Nobel prize hopefuls have many concepts in concrete form. No one wants to see these concepts/speculations own patent right over the true reduction to practice, particularly in fields such as geno research (here already), quantum computing (in 20~50 years) and worm hole and “time machine” ("I’m not betting on these", according to Steve Hawkins).
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