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I think this is a very interesting discussion. but the thing that has me quite amused is the fact that donna and her prowess with a camera has somehow managed to take over the conversation. you all do a very good job, but I thought we were talking eggs....just thought I'd throw my comments in the mix :) keep up the good work
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2009 on Playing with Food: Eggs in Brine at
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I'm in love with this one........after my own heart
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2009 on First, Do No Harm at IDEAS IN FOOD
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this looks awsome guys! I want one! I read your blog about quinoa butter a little way back and was wondering how you did it or where you found it, it's got me intruiged......
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2009 on Icy Caps at IDEAS IN FOOD
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