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Olekoi, Ngmeral tekoi ea Etengakl el Del. Cio Isechal a kirel mengull era rechad era Kayangel elmle sengkyo loba klaumerang ertir elmora Hon. Del. Noah Kemesong. Oi ngmeral ketengel elmora HOD meng kire Del. Cio lolngeseu erar beches el mlo edal a HOD. Ea kot e desel senior e Chairman era HOD Ways & Means Committee eng kired elmo ungil lomerk era Iyosang el mora errengel Belau rokui. Mar chedal a Commitee a mo ungil a rrengir emo oba blakerreng lol ngeseu era Chiarman ertir el mesebechal era Iyosang el mora bellual. a Hon. Del. Cio akmal diwa obekur era Felon Hon. Delegate Antonio TONY Bells el direk el bleloisur modal el Chairman era W&MC era HOD er 4th OEK. They think they are the smartest people in Palau. Cio for his work experience er First Hawaiian Bank, PNCC and NDBP. You must lower or humble yourself. Akoi koi ngdiak a chised.
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2009 on Ngerulmud Let Me Be Free at okedyulabeluu
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Alii, Democracy have diluted our young minds that they learned to believe that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is you can say anything you want even to hurt, defame, the other person. Young Palauans also, learned from our OEK members the way they said and act in the public and in thier tv programs. Honorable Delegate CIO from Peleliu said harsh meliues "your mother" "&&%%$" era Hon. Del. Noah from Kayangel State. The worst part is that he failed to increase States Block Grants but reduced 10% and failed to increased HOD budget since they borrowed Senate budget to meet their expenses incuured before September 30th. I wondering if he is taking drugs or medecine. For youe info, all the previous Peleliu Delegates and Legislators were all respectables and honorables. Low-profile with soft voices with mindful or meaningful or thoughtful or dplomatic even late His Excellency President Haruo I. Remeliik including Yoichi Singeo, Joe Kingtol, Gerdence Meyar and late Hon. Del. Humio Kebekol. I am from Peleliu we are blssed people with full of love, respect, peace, harmony with the people of Palau. Peleliu is bountiful islands or natural resources. I hope he learn his leasson in hard ways. We the People of Peleliu will learn from stupid mistake from him. We vote wiser next time or sooner to replace him. Sorry, Hon. Delegate CIO but your still my Honorable Delegate. Rejuvenate and do better and start fresh cause I know you can do better for your people not for yourself only. Respectfully Yours,
Commented Sep 21, 2009 on Open Thread LXXVII at okedyulabeluu
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