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Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Rye NY
Mulish Refusal by Rye to Admit Environmental Wrongs Attracts New Sure Footed Supporter Rye, New York February 22 2009 Despite public outrage about environmental “mistakes,” made by City of Rye officials with regard to both Bob Schubert’s wetlands garden and to the sanitary and building code violations on Hen Island, Mayor Steven Otis and the city council continue to stubbornly refuse to admit that errors have been made and to take immediate transparent steps to correct them. Heeding the Feb 20th call of Rye City Fecal Council spokes-turd Mr. Floatie to “help plumb the depths of this malodorous misadventure in municipal malfeasance” is a new supporter of the cause of environmental preservation – the fabulous feather brained four legged party animal Mr. Jack A. Always fun and ever willing to expose political hypocrisy Mr. Jack A is a mute but keen eyed witness to Rye City administrative municipal mulishness. Stubborn and unable to think his way out of even the simplest jam, Mr. Jack A shares many traits with the current Rye City Mayor and council. Mr. Floatie welcomed Mr. Jack A to the cause and stated “We’re thrilled to have a real Jack A at our side as we prepare to hoof and bray our way to victory in Rye.” Mr. Jack A mutely signaled his commitment to joining Mr. Floatie at each and every City Council meeting in the coming months as the fight for environmental justice grinds on. Welcome Mr. Jack A!
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Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2013 on Rye PD Commish Connors To Retire at
Doug, Watch the “Council Project” linked below. It was made by Andrew Dapolite. That’s the kid you and Pickup forced to leave Rye TV because he wouldn’t lie for you. All the great Mayors & Councilpersons and then there is you, telling us about sewage codes on Hen Island that don’t make sense. Doug French Rye’s most embarrassing Mayor Great Legacy! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Ok, I think everyone needs to step back a few feet and take a little break from all the pressure the French administration has brought to town. Check out Grandma and have a great weekend! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant) Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
WOW! Looks like Ms. Hill accused Peter of having a problem with his peter! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Rogaine for Filippi, Now, now, that is a personal attack and that is exactly what Councilman (Dick) Filippi was talking about. Just because the mayor expects the rest of Rye to get building permits and pay property taxes, that does not mean that he has to. And don’t think for one minute residents and city employees are allowed to speak out exposing wrongdoing, just because Councilman (Dick) Filippi is allowed to personally attack whomever he likes. Don't you bullies know the rules in Rye? Do as I say not as I do! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2013 on Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice at
First they came for Mr. Floatie and I didn't speak out because I wasn't Mr. Floatie. Then they came for Jack A (Mr. Floatie’s ass-istant) and I didn't speak out because I wasn't Jack A (Mr. Floatie’s ass-istant). Then they came for Richard Filippi and I didn’t speak out because every time he speaks he is an embarrassment to himself and to the City! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2013 on Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice at
Honest Citizen, In referencing your blogging history from your typed profile, today you wrote “I am a long time resident. My children and now my grandchildren attend Rye schools.” On September 6 2011 you blogged “I have lived in Rye for almost 15 years.” On January 9, 2010 you Blogged “I am a parent of 2 Midland school children.” On February 9, 2010 you blogged “When my child was a student at Osborn many years ago, they tried desperately to get parents to volunteer to be crossing guards.” And on March 10, 2010 you blogged “I am a mother of 3 children. One goes to Osborn, one middle school, and one high school. So now we know you either have Alzheimer's or you studied at the Doug Dumas French school of honesty but one thing you are not is an honest citizen. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Toggle Commented Jan 29, 2013 on Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice at
D, You seemed crazed the other night and you now seem to be obsessed with Mr. Floatie! You might try a little turd on the scalp. Not only will it help compete with the brains you have, it will also look better than what is there now. Get a good night’s rest. Things always look better in the morning. Sweet Dreams! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2013 on Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice at
After watching Filippi self destruct the other night, thanks to a lot of help from his friends Ray, Leon, Ted, Jim and Andrew, Petulant child and D sounding more and more like Filippi. My guess is Filippi is 80% of the commentators on My Rye. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Toggle Commented Jan 25, 2013 on Sack: Dapolite, Truth and Justice at
It seemed as if Councilman Filippi overdosed on Viagra at last night’s meeting. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant) >
Chrissy, You need a few anger management lessons….Learn the secret to removing negative thinking patterns and overcoming negative mental blocks that contribute to feeling down. Get success now by learning to release negative feelings and create a positive mental attitude. Please listen to Dr. Larry. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Wow! That is a rare photo op. Doug French, Steve Otis and Kevin Plunkett all together at the same time. Steve Otis and Doug French didn't have the nerve to go against the powers to be and fix Hen Island. I bet they will get together as soon as someone gets hurt or sick from their lack of enforcement. Mr. Floatie has never been to Albany. I wonder if it's time for him to take a trip to our Capital? Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Should I address you as D or as Deputy Mayor? Regardless, your acting is a little bit better when you have the camera on you @ the meetings. Try to stop imitating me. I truly hope you are feeling better; you don't look like your perky old self lately. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2013 on State of Rye City 2013: The Transcript at
You are starting to sound kooky again!!!! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
I Can't Stop Lying, You are starting to sound kooky!!!! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Ted C, Even though the Mayor is at odds with his own party, you got to give credit when it’s due. Mayor French is a man of his word in this clip. During his election campaign he promised to “change the tone and tenor of the City Council meetings.” They went from bad to worse. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
"My dog for Rye Mayor in 2013" I think that should be one of the new bumper stickers when the Floatiemobile gets its new makeover this winter. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Hey Ray!!! I get hungry every time I hear that word hay! I love hay. Best breakfast in the world! Although, I do lose my appetite talking about this human manure. Anyway. Here is a little video on what to do with the human compost. Remember on Hen Island they will be doing this X 34 homes. Do you think Mayor French’s wife would let him build a human compost pile in their backyard if they run out of storage room on Hen Island? Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Hey Ray, If Doug French allows everyone on Hen Island to use composting toilets to get rid of Mr. Floatie , Here is what they can do with the urine. But what will they do with all the other effluents from sinks showers etc..???? I guess they have to go into the Sound after all……. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Check out the moves in this dance. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Chris Henn(Island), I guess Ray must be getting under you skin… Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Pee Pee, “maximum pollutant load or concentration allowed by Hen Island" Read the article you are posting under. It’s 0 you silly Hen Islander!!!! Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Chris Henn, The letters are starting to come in to the mayor’s office and they are cc’ing Heal The on them. We have some that never make it to City Hall they just want to help out on the QT. Petition signatures are up more than ever. Funny, in looking back on old petition signatures we found a signature from Paula Gamache supporting us. She now supports us in a different way, on the side of the Floatiemobile. Looks like the new campaign is working better than we have ever expected. It took a few years for the people to figure it out but they are finally getting it. We owe it all to the big fuss Mayor French, Mrs. Parker and friends are making about the Floatiemobile and also to their inactions on Hen Island. Too bad we have to drag an entire community thru the mud because of a Mayor that wants to support one of his neighbors on Meadow Place instead of supporting Rye. Here is one of the letters for your review. All, As a local resident, I have grave concerns about the issues raised with Hen Island. My children suffer regularly from massive amount of mosquito bites, and I am forced to spray my property in hopes of minimizing the already bad population. We are diligent in our In addition, we spend a great deal of time using the harbor and the fact that dumping of raw sewage is taking place right into the waters 450 feet off shore of Rye is incredible to me. What is being done about all the violations taking place by the few residents of Hen Island that are impacting thousands of residents in the Rye/Mamaroneck area? I will leave off the name in the essence of privacy. Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)
Pee Pee, Maybe you should read this one again. And they say I am the jack-ass? Jack A. (Mr. Floatie's ass-istant)