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monika hardy
loveland, co
Interests: awakening indispensable people
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what do you have. what do you need. ness.
have you seen/used and/or ?
ah.. love this Ewan. improv..that aliveness and vulnerability of perpetual beta.. where problem solving isn't enough: "that sense of "ubuntu", where I can't sound good unless my buddy sounds good, that constant listening to others in order to build on what they starte"
a vision we have been intensely co-creating over the last 4 years. one we now boldly share. why.. we believe it's a narrative every soul craves. it's from the inside out.. starting with why. talking to yourself daily.. am I doing/being (eudaimonia.. fittingness) what matters most. you decide. use your head/heart/gut/etal. if you are so inclined:
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2012 on Without A Vision, We Find An Enemy at Re:Focus
bravo. spot on. a people agenda.
you go man.
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2012 on Purpose Can Not Be Rationalized at Re:Focus
ah. dang. love this Simon.. thank you. huge grazie. You used to be able to inspire a room with your words, now you work hard to ensure the analysts like what you say.
what a huge notice. what a great way to explain it: grace under pressure. thank you Simon.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2011 on Face Reality And Not Your Imagination at Re:Focus
yes please.. just one click.
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2011 on Just one click please... at Hugh Garry
passion is a valuable currency. spot on Simon. thank you. are you going to the contact conf in ny in oct?
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2011 on The Power of the Young at Re:Focus
great post John. the heart of the matter. i'm reading through Dewey's How We Think. he addresses the need for the negative to authenticate the positive. and that was back forever ago.. i think that's why i like paradox as well. it's like an ongoing zoom out reality check. we've been intrigued by hammering vulnerability in context. we live so much by theory. which makes it easy to sound good and right. but take away theory, and start doing - whole new ballgame. funny - how often what you are rallying against shows up so clearly - even while you're speaking out the other side of your mouth. At the end of the day what I'm suggesting is that vulnerability in context can be the most powerful behavior in initiating change. -Thomas J deLong in Flying Without A Net we don't know who we are - until we try it without polishing it up first.
nice post. very nice. thank you and good luck. my questions and thoughts currently - are around these two things: 1) assessments - they drive us so are you willing to forgo standardized testing? (alternate ideas - test kids by what you get when you google them - eportfolio's - and the like) deciding to keep standardized tests - may result in no more public schools 2) pd - are you willing to radically redefine that? i think pd should be spent on 2 things a) what teachers are supposed to be doing in the classroom (and i don't mean running tech - if teachers can't figure it out - kids can) - what i mean is your theme 2 and b) how to model safe online activity
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nice move scott. exciting. :)
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