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Not only do I think it is not farfetched, I think it's a very good idea. There are 2 players the Giants ought to try to find trading partners for--Wilkinson and Moss. The trouble is because of persistent injury problems neither of them has much in the way of trade value. Moss was a 2 and Wilkinson a 4 I think. You'd be lucky to get a 6 for the pair. If both of them make it to the end of this season, a stretch I think, can you imagine either being resigned? If a team were interested, especially one with as poor a record as the Bills, it should wait and get one or both of them on waivers for nothing.
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If The Thin Blue Line was initially been released before a guilty verdict had been rendered, I honeslty believe some sort of card would/should have been added to reflect this including the fact what was just seen is an ongoing story with a website to keep track of developments. What I suggested above in no way undercuts the film, nor was it intended to.
As a practical matter it's very difficult to make or remake a film of this kind because the story could change and you have to figure out when to start, when to finish, when if necessary to restart, and when to refinish, and on and on. In a case like this I think the film should carry an opening card stating that what we're about to see is only part of a larger story. Then at the end there should be a card directing us to a website with the full story at least up to the day of release.