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Ray Tartaglione
Rye NY
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Here is the real way this City treats it's war hero's in Rye. Shame on you Terry and everyone else who stood by and watched as this WWII Veteran, was taken advantage of, over and over again in the final years of his life.
Once again, the City of Rye will carry on its tradition of honoring deceased veterans on Memorial Day, Monday, May 27, 2019.
I find it interesting that the residents consistently reporting on the illegal activities in our local government are considered gad flies. I don't remember one time he was wrong. He is good at it, because he was the best Cop Rye ever had! The City made a big mistake when they went after him with bogus charges. I personally commend Tim and his efforts over the years to expose the local corruption.
This City still needs to apologize to this veteran and his family, even after all these years. The City of Rye NY sent Westchester County mental health experts to WWII veteran's home in an apparent attempt to silence the 86 year old from complaining about an illegal construction project. He spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring as a commander. A veteran of World War II, he was assigned to the LSM-441 of the Pacific Theater. He also captained the first non-Red Cross ship into Nagasaki, Japan, after the detonation of the second atomic bomb. When he complained to the Rye City Council they tried to have him committed to a psychiatric hospital and then had him arrested twice in an effort to silence him. RIP: BOB
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Andrew, Here is a short video of “Doug French’s legacy” It was a very sad time in Rye history. Unfortunately the current Cohen admiration seems to be heading down the same path judging by the last few city council meetings. Once again we currently have a Mayor limiting how long residents can speak because the topic of conversation displays his refusal to protect the health and safety of the public. That’s how French started his spiral downhill.
Joe Sack has allowed the continued raw sewage to pollute Milton Harbor from nonexistent septic systems on Hen Island. He refused to enforce current health and safety codes which would stop the mosquito breeding storage of thousands of gallons of water. Send him the same message we sent to Otis and French. Vote him out and let him know we will not sacrifice the health and safety of our residents for his political patriotism.
Dear Mr. O’Reilly, No doubt questions will be raised, however it is still a stretch holding George Latimer responsible. As most know, families thrown into financial conflict after the death of a loved one are quite common. Here it is just such a family dispute that they are apparently working through. Similarly, if his wife were found ‘at fault’ in a car accident, would the court of public opinion hold her husband personally responsible? I don’t think so. Rye schools and the other entities are not going to be permanently out any money. They will actually be receiving more than the going interest rate on the overdue taxes when they and the associated penalties are fully paid. You are talking about someone that is admitting that these taxes are due and admitting they will be paid with penalty and interest. Might I suggest that you, Mr. William (paid advisor for The Astorino Administration) O’Reilly are twisting these matters and that this is not -as you’ve characterized it - “a legitimate public policy issue”. Mr. Latimer didn’t outright cheat on his Rye City real estate taxes for over 10 years via a 2nd illegal STAR Tax Exemption like ex-Rye Mayor Douglas French. Maybe you can inform readers here why Ex-GOP Mayor French was never prosecuted by our District Attorney for this which is – as you well know - considered an enforceable felony out on Long Island where you’re from. As far as deceit goes it was Rob Astorino who deceived all Rye City residents when he promised he was going to correct the public health and safety issues on Hen Island when he was first elected. I contributed to his campaign because of that direct promise and it never happened. Instead he allowed the political protection of Hen Island to continue. This was the same thing that Ex-GOP Mayor French and current GOP Mayor Joe Sack did. The County Health Department still allows all 33 homes on Hen Island to pollute the Sound with their tidal marsh located sewage pits and other ineffective ad-hoc sewage “systems.” And the County Health Department still allows the residents to collect, store and use water from rooftops for domestic use. Stagnant untreated water that has tested positive for West Nile Virus and Zika carrying mosquitoes – millions are bred annually on the island and are blown into neighboring sound shore communities by the prevailing winds. So I ask you, why did your client Mr. Astorino not protect the health and safety of the residents of Rye? Are patronage payoffs more valuable than the health, safety and welfare of the Westchester public? I think that answer is yes. It’s really me who is sorry, Mr. O’Reilly. I’m sorry that this issue is taking so long to rectify. I’m sorry that politicians are willing to disregard the health and safety of residents and ignore the local environment for campaign contributions. I’m sorry that we are discussing a Rye resident who is late on her taxes in an estate dispute rather than talking about how we can protect the health and safety of Rye & Mamaroneck’s pregnant women and vulnerable senior citizens from Zika and West Nile Virus. And I’m sorry – truly sorry - that I ever trusted your client, Mr. Astorino, to keep a promise, or tell the truth. Respectfully, --Ray J. Tartaglione A Rye, Harrison, White Plains, Valhalla, Dobbs Ferry and Chester NY taxpayer
It a cheap shot and a long stretch to try and blame George for a probate issue with his in-laws estate. These things often take years to settle and it is ridiculous to expect someone to front the money for taxes that is a responsibility of a estate probate proceeding.
If you are concerned about sewage polluting Milton Harbor or mosquitoes breeding by the millions on Hen Island in Rye we would suggest you pass on voting for the "ALL Rye" team. They are not all about protecting Rye residents but they are all about political patriotism.
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Our city officials must be proud knowing that less than 500 feet away from our new neighbors, Hen Islanders are dumping raw sewage into the shoreline. Welcome home Jess and Justin!
As the owner of Westchester County’s largest emergency towing and recovery business I can attest first hand that it’s hard to imagine the anxiety, pain and grief that arises in the aftermath of what our drivers see as the direct result of DWI’s. In several cases each year the injuries are so severe it’s almost unimaginable. My personal ‘drug of choice’ in moderation is red wine but as an ACOA (Adult Child of Alcoholic) and a long time supporter of the Westchester Chapter NCADD (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency) I can tell you that Jay’s story here is sadly one of many that needs to be told publicly over and over again. Getting the message out about the awful dangers here is truly a public service. In the sixties we all stepped over the elephant in the room and would never say a word about drunk drivers. Today that’s all thankfully changed. Years ago we would literally tow in three or four DWI related accidents on an average weekend and rarely did anyone get arrested. Today the accident numbers have dropped dramatically to maybe one per weekend and DWI arrests and impounded vehicles have quadrupled. Why? I attribute it mostly to the dedicated efforts of one mother by the name of Candy Lightner. In 1980 Candy lost her 13-year-old daughter Cari to a drunk driver. Candy Lightner soon thereafter founded Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Candy, educated and changed not only my way of thinking but she changed the entire country as a result of the loss of her child. Cari’s death and Candy’s reaction to it has prevented millions of potential accidents. The term “designated driver” became a household term as a result of MADD’s efforts. Many of us who don’t have an addiction issue head the warning thanks to Candy and her profound educational efforts. Those that have the disease sometimes have to learn the hard way and sometimes they pay with their life or by taking someone else’s before they get the message and sometimes sadly enough they never ever get the message. Some here may not recall but in October of last year Jay posted an all to familiar DWI story. In that story a local college student Robby Schartner tragically lost his life as he was walking back to campus in Purchase NY. One of our drivers handled that accident as the vehicle was impounded for the White Plains Police. On MyRye there was not a single comment about Jay Sears publishing decisions in that tragedy, or that the driver was also Rye resident and native. I wonder why therefore we see all this public outrage and comments attacking Jay on this story but not the other one. If you’re lucky enough to live on Grace Church Street and are a friend of the current Deputy Mayor or if you happen to live above Kelly’s Bar it should not make any difference. As far as Julie Killian’s comment, what is in fact actually “shameful” is that as a so-called ‘community leader’ and a “leading advocate against teenage drug abuse,” Mrs. Killian is apparently more concerned with protecting her friend’s image and standing here in the community instead of encouraging painful but potentially lifesaving conversations.
This protest and especially the fourth picture is so distressing and embarrassing just like Hen Island that has been going on for so long. If you have ever worked in the hospitality industry you know how hard they work for their money. It's like the Doug French administration all over again. Same song different singers. Taxpayers flipping the bill for political mistakes.I also thought Joe would fix it but he is just another politician who gives into political pressures and now the entire city is talking about him. Yandrasevich should of had a few cellmates that condoned and enabled his behavior. Pay these people already. It should never of gotten this far. Why can't we get it right in Rye? I must take some of the blame, I voted for him to.
@ Dim Wit, It started out with them questioning me about the BS story that they were told by Pickup, French and a few others but no worries by the end, I did set the record straight. You don’t see me or Fox in handcuff do you? Trust me; it was another witch hunt, just like sending the Westchester County Psychiatric Team to evaluate Schubert. Only difference is now they are using the DA’s office. I thought the investigators seemed a little pissed after I told them the Schubert story and about how they used the Psychiatric unit to try and get rid of Bob. My guess is they realized they were also being used. (God don’t like ugly) I must tell you, I think they have some balls to put a twenty something year dedicated employee through what they did, just because they thought he was a friend of mine or he was helping me. But after seeing what they did to 89 year old WWII veteran Bob Schubert before he died, nothing surprises me. A vote for Jovanovich and this will continue in Rye! Interesting how Jovanovich’s newspaper, the Rye Record is the only newspaper that I know of that prints rumors and wrong ones at that. My guess is if you label it a rumor you don’t have to worry about libel suits.
I spent some time yesterday with the Westchester County District Attorney investigators inquiring about the Rye Marina witch hunt. That would be the same investigation initiated by Scott Pickup and Doug French. (Same DA investigators working on the Rye Golf Club investigation) After about an hour and a half it seemed clear to me that the investigators appeared to be more concerned in Mr. Pickup's actions than Mr. Fox's. I believe, by the time we were finished, I had pointed out how and why Mr. Pickup and Mayor French created this witch hunt to draw attention from the Golf Club scandal and punish Peter Fox after they believed was helping and befriending Ray Tartaglione. Now the investigation is moving in the right direction.
I spent some time yesterday with the Westchester County District Attorney investigators inquiring about the Rye Marina witch hunt. That would be the same investigation initiated by Scott Pickup and Doug French. (Same DA investigators working on the Rye Golf Club investigation) After about an hour and a half it seemed clear to me that the investigators appeared to be more concerned in Mr. Pickup's actions than Mr. Fox's. I believe, by the time we were finished, I had pointed out how and why Mr. Pickup and Mayor French created this witch hunt to draw attention from the Golf Club scandal and punish Peter Fox after they believed was helping and befriending Ray Tartaglione. Now the investigation is moving in the right direction.
To me this appears to be another attempt to distract residents from the Rye Golf Club scandal. Lets rile up the residents and pack the city council meetings with another issue because the Boat Basin investigation didn't do the trick. The sooner Doug French leaves his position as Mayor the better off we will be. Doug French's legacy below:
The comments @ last night's Rye City Council meeting between Catherine Parker and Joe Sack when they were talking about Playland reminded me of this video.
Anne, Are you kidding! "Misinformation" Richard Filippi, NEVER?
July 10th City Council meeting
“If we have laws, what's the point if we don't enforce them?” Rye City Code: 108-25 Plumbing B. Water SupplyPotable water from an approved source shall be available at all times in residential buildings. The domestic water supply system of the building shall be connected to such approved source and shall not be subject to contamination. When supplied from a public source, the potable water supply system shall not be connected to private or unsafe water supplies. “If we have laws, what's the point if we don't enforce them?” 108-40. Infestation and screening. A. Grounds, buildings and structures shall be maintained free of insect, vermin and rodent harborage and infestation. Methods used for exterminating insects, vermin and rodents shall conform to generally accepted practice. 108-43. Responsibilities of owners. A. Owners of premises shall be responsible for compliance with this chapter and shall remain responsible therefor regardless of the fact that this chapter may also place certain responsibilities on operators and occupants and regardless of any agreements between owners and operators or occupants as to which party shall assume such responsibility. “If we have laws, what's the point if we don't enforce them?” City of Rye Sewage Ordinances ARTICLE I: Use of Public Sewers [Adopted 9-20-1950 as Section 4-3.5 of Ch. 4 of the General Ordinances] 161-1. Use required; exceptions; inspections. Where a public sewer is available and accessible in a street, alley, easement or thoroughfare to a building or premises abutting thereon, the liquid wastes from any plumbing system in said building shall be discharged into the public sewer unless otherwise prohibited, except that where a place of residence is so located that a gravity connection from the plumbing above the first floor thereof to the street sewer is not possible or such place of residence is located more than 150 feet from the nearest public sewer, a separate sewerage system may be maintained which otherwise complies with city, county or state health laws, codes or regulations. Immediately after the construction of a sewer connection every sewage tank, cesspool or privy vault shall be emptied, cleaned, disinfected and filled with clean mineral soil, rock or gravel. “Where a public sanitary sewer is not accessible, a building permit shall not be issued without submission of a copy of the written approval of the Westchester County Commissioner of Health, indicating that the premises may be adequately sewered by a separate sewage disposal system. The further approval of the Common Council of the City of Rye is required for such separate disposal systems. In addition thereto there shall be an annual inspection of all private sewage disposal systems by a contractor duly approved by the Westchester County Commissioner of Health on all properties bordering on all watercourses, including Long Island Sound, Milton Harbor and all tributaries thereto, and wherever else directed by the Sanitation Committee of the Common Council. A written certificate of such inspection shall be submitted to said Committee for such action thereon as it may direct.”
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"Catherine Parker, the right person to sell luggage and gifts, the wrong person to lead our communities."
Doug French's Legacy, Part 1
Doug French's Legacy
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"I want to bring my vision of environmental sustainability to all of Westchester"
BTW; I understand Andrew is also a volunteer firefighter.
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