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I got the same email. I have to admit I have absolutely no problem with getting rid of the freemium model to go paid-only, if that's what is best for the company. Free tools with inadequate paid accounts will disappear anyway. If Dimdim is good enough, people will follow. I was less concerned about the tone of the email, perhaps because I know folks at the company and didn't take offense easily. Could it have had a more personal tone? Maybe- but what was the tenor of previous interactions? It comes down to what we expected from that company, not from our ideal of a company. If they were impersonal before and we didn't have a problem and the service was great, we shouldn't have a problem ith it now.
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Where I'm getting about anyone's ability to use social media is that PR/Comm's needs to recognize that- educate employees on how to talk about company and products, and know that monitoring and response across all these new channels is part of their new job. I would still place this responsibility squarely on PR's shoulders.
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john, Nice post-- I have been wondering aloud about definitions of public relations myself lately, as I'm not sure there is a good working definition (tho the CPRA gave it a nice go recently, the jury is out). Interesting that you bring up the "who owns PR" argument here. One thing to remember-- especially with social media- is that anyone in the company can be on social media, and if they are known employees of a company-- usually the case-- then they are part of the PR umbrella- aren't they? Shouldn't they be included in messaging? Ok, wheel in the "internal comm's" people, and you start to realize that any question I throw up there brings in not only multiple departments, but multiple communications
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