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Melbourne, Australia
Passionate about Dharma as a lived and living tradition
Interests: Dzogchen, Writing, Contemplation, Wiki-collaboration
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Eric ur knowledge sharing rocks! My coding ability unfortunately falls significantly short of urs. I am a Wikimedia user and I want to get people talking to initiate deep consultation processes, integrated dedicated communication within Wikimedia Projects. I know this is possible as I have clicked on a Skype button myself in this environment. I cant seem to get the Skype Extension working and am having a challenge getting any support. I appreciate u r busy mate, but geez i'd appreciate a hand and a bit of ur time. Skype me: b9_hummingbird_hovering
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on Skype Extension for Wikimedia at Eric Santiago
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Some people need to put their faith in 'god', other entities, other people or objects, anything but themselves. No value judgement is herein entailed. There is a psychological warmth and health often in people of profound faith. Well that is my experience. Many people who are sarcastic, embittered and overly questioning are profoundly unhappy and pained. I am new to your weblog and I really appreciate it. I feel positioned to outline that you failed to engage the function of faith and whether or not that holds virtue. The function of faith in the human condition and how it qualiifes a person's experience is a worthwhile meditation in my humble opinion.
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