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This is a really interesting discussion. The two-way travel you are discussing is particularly true of the proposed extension of the Purple Line from Downtown to Santa Monica. Part of the reason opponents (like the anti-rail demagogues of the so called Bus Riders "Union") failed in their arguments against extending the Purple Line west to the beach via the busy Wilshire Blvd. business corridor, Century City, Westwood and Santa Monica was they argued that this line was simply about allowing white yuppies living on the Westside to take rail downtown at the expense of poor downtrodden nonwhite bus riders elsewhere. The arguments against the subway extension were underpinned by the erroneous argument that there would be primarily one-way commutes from Westside to Downtown and that it was unfair to make the county as a whole pay for a project that would only benefit "affluent" westsiders. In reality, there is already two-way traffic on this corridor. Century City, Beverly Hills, Westwood and Santa Monica are increasing job centers in their own right. Both directions of the I-10 Freeway are busy. Both directions of the Wilshire Buses are crowded. Transit riders commuting west will benefit tremendously from this project too. Also, residents in affluent areas like Beverly Hills went from giving NIMBY arguments about "those people" coming to their neighborhoods to having fear that congestion would prevent their employees and customers from accessing their businesses. When the City of Beverly Hills has meetings to discuss where they'd like their subway stops, you know the world has changed. Race and class are huge issues in Los Angeles and unfortunately our transportation planning gets bogged down in arguments about race and class and and inexhaustible supply of NIMBYs and demagogues. Race and class sabotaged the Purple Line extension in the 80s. However, in the middle of a recession, over 2/3 of Los Angeles County voters gave themselves a half-cent sales tax hike to pay for transportation improvements, including most of the proposed Purple Line extension. A true sea change has occurred and for once, at least for the Purple Line extension, it seems that quality transportation planning has prevailed and for once the NIMBYs and demagogues did not. As it will take years to finish this project, those of us who care about this will need to remain vigilant.
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There is a big difference between the Green and Expo Lines. The initial Green Line was cut short at both ends by NIMBYs. It doesn't connect to Metrolink commuter rail on the east or LAX on the west. The Green Line was constructed at the same time as a new freeway. The vagaries of the Green Line are caused by how it was constructed, due to how it was funded. (Future plans will connect the Green Line to LAX). The Expo Line will connect Downtown to Culver City to Santa Monica. There will be lots of two-way traffic. This will even more be true of the Purple Line extension (subway-to-the-sea) and the "Pink Line", connecting Hollywood to Century City.
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