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Southern Oregon
2010: The Year of Change for Me
Interests: music, travel, movies
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That's so cute!! I one time bought a little hat for my cat...definitely didn't go over well. Maybe that's why he runs over me at 3 o'clock in the morning...I permenantly tramatized him.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on No title at Zachary Quinto
That's was great. Seems like a spontaneous moment.
I noticed the height thing right away. I'm 5'10 so I alway notice height especially being single & in the dating world. Kinda hard to finding tall guys these days. Anyway how tall is Zachary?
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I guess a question to ask would be if you turn this one long would you have to wait for another? What are your immediate needs for housing and can you afford it by yourself without your daughters help? It sounds like your daughter is going to be gone alot and maybe not home as much as you will. If that is the case, I would suggest going with where you are going to like living and feel the most comfortable. Most likely even in London area she will be coming and going alot anyway. If it is more of a cost for your daughter...then maybe she should pay less of the monthly to help offset some of the extra traveling expenses.
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I've been pretty out of the loop, but do we know if Heroes is coming back for another season? Continue reading
Posted Apr 25, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
I haven't been on here much, but it's great to hear you're dad is doing well. My stepdad has Alzheimer's and it's been very difficult when he's had to be in the hospital for something because it really effects the Alzheimers and he becomes a bit unruly. On a lighter note...DAMN THAT PHOTO IS HOT!!! I can just imagine being in a lounger over looking the ocean, waves crashing in the background and a margarita in hand and a gorgeous Zachary next to me. Wow that would be awesome. Hmmmmm....
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Anyone in the LA area go and see the Black Eyed Peas tonight? I unfortunately don't live in the area and wasn't able to see them at the Staples Center, but saw them in the theater broadcast. Looked like a... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
Good. You?
I haven't been on here for so long....what is going on? Life has been crazy lately, so much so that I haven't even watched the last episode of Heroes on my DVR. I'm off work today so I will watch... Continue reading
Posted Mar 30, 2010 at Zachary Quinto
This is funny, but disturbing at the same time!! :)
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I like the original one.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2009 on No title at Zachary Quinto
I zoomed in on my location and apparently I live out in the beautiful wilderness of Southern Oregon, which is very pretty if you ever get the chance to visit.
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While I think it's really he at all freaked about stalkers? How accurate is it for his location.? I tend to be a bit on the private side so I was just curious.
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Hey this is cool. How do I find people that are close to me?
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I don't really mind either way, but I prefer not slicked back. Do you know if its for a movie role?
I have been off here for quite some time and know I've missed lots. I've been having a lot of personal stuff going and it's finally stabilizing so here I am. I have even been behind on my Heroes episodes,... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2009 at Zachary Quinto
Damn it, why do people feel they need to cheat? I know there's a whole psychological explaination for why people do it, but I don't care. It's disrespectful, hurtful, and damaging to another person. I believe cheating is a cowardly thing to do. If you're at the point of cheating you should end the relationship or try to identify why you're wanting to cheat and fix it. I think at one point or another we've all been attracted to someone else while in a relationship, but most of us don't act upon it. Those that I know have cheated do it because the relationship has "run it's course" and don't have the guts enough to be upfront and say..."we're done". Having an affair gives a reason. I've been cheated on and he tried to make it all my fault...spineless bastard comes to mind on that one. So if you feel that there's reason there probably is. Go with your gut intinct...I've found it doesn't lead me astray very often. Good luck!!
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It's hard when there are only a couple of things that are bad. Unfortunately those are fundamental issues that can't be overlooked or compromised on.
I was originally drawn here by his talent. However, after watching some of his interview videos...I have to say what has kept me here is his intellect, down to earth personality and deeper sense of purpose. He uses his celebrity for issues that mean something to him and need (in my opinion) that extra focus that being a celebrity can bring.
I ended a 6 yr. relationship about 6 months ago and I know how hard it can be. What got me through was mourning the loss of the relationship and remembering why we broke up. I think its human nature when we look back we only remember the good times and that makes us sad. I made a list of all the reasons why we broke up so when I was going through a tough time I could look at it and go "oh yeah that's it". There's nothing that makes it easy, but it can make it a bit easier. In my case our relationship wasn't all bad. He was great, but we had fundamental differences that were too great to overlook. It doesn't make either of us bad just means we weren't right for each other. That's what I would tell people too. We just needed different things in our lives. So cry, yell, be mad, whatever you need to do. It's ok!!! You will feel better soon.
Has anyone with kids tried the with pictures of the actual father and see if it even comes close? I don't have kids so I can't try it, but thought it would be a good experiment. Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2009 at
I have a confession. I still haven't watched the new episode of HEROES. I have a DVR so I have a tendency to wait until I'm ready. I've had so much going on that I really haven't sat down to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2009 at
I've tried and didn't really see the appeal. However I don't think it's a terrible thing if people do from time to time. There are definitely worst drugs out there, but I believe moderation is key. My ex boyfriend went through phases where he did it more than others which made me uncomfortable because it seemed to have too big a presence in his life. Also if you do it, I think it's very important to be responsible. No driving, kids around etc.
my niece thinks that its definitely not his best look.
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Sep 13, 2009