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Hi Fran, I agree with Bob. We have been doing house concerts for 6 years and we never offer a guarentee. If a performer wants a guarentee then we are up front and let them know we do not offer it and they may not be suited for our venue. Performers have made from donations form $350.00 to $2000.00 at our home. We keep none of it and we feed, offer rooms, own our own pa system and so on for their disposal. Unles they are someone like Chris Smithers who plays our friends house (he gets a guarentee) We all have to learn to do these and some new folks will only do one and will never do another one. We all are creative in how to get people to come as well. You did not mention that the performer needs to also work his list to draw people to their show if they have a following in the hosts area. It can help to bring people to the show. You mentioned getting the word out but no mention of cost to the hosts. "This is also a big factor in the no guarentee, on average our shows cost out of pocket $200-$400.00. This is for advertising, food, water, coffee, tea, and sometimes fliers,/posters. We do these for love and ask for no money from performers. Some are shocked with what they receive at the end of the night and offer us money which we never take. Newbies as you call them NEED to be aware of what they will encounter with all aspects of doing these.. Performers need to understand too that if they are solicting new hosts not to expct a large crowd because they are building a list with theirs and your list. We leave the guarentees to those who run a buisness, but for us it's what is collected at the door and we will stick with that and artists are informed of this from the moment they contact us or we contact them. We have never had anyone turn us down. Best, Canyonfolk House Concerts