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I am thinking the administrators are getting the shaft a bit here. :) Yes, I am an administrator. We have opened up the world to our teachers, but it was not easy. First, we had to convince our Board. Second, we had to transition our WHOLE system away from the Regional control to internal control. The regional control was not willing to work with us, so it costs a whole lot of money for us to fix this and work internally. If you don't have the technology minds to help make this happen, it will take even longer. Our tech guy saw the need, worked with us and made it happen. Kudos to he and his team for their work!
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So, I really would like to know what counts as a bad presentation. What did not work for you, Scott? This post was a lot about why it was okay for you to walk out vs. what did not work and why. I am thinking about marycooksley's response about style preference.
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