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Dianne Neal Matthews
East Central Illinois
Dianne is a freelance author who has published magazine articles,newspaper features, devotionals, and nonfiction books.
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Glad you found it helpful, Marti. And thank you for reading and commenting.
Thanks, Karen! I've never watched Biggest Loser, but that sounds like some great advice for writers. Think I'll get up right now and unload the dishwasher.
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Thanks for the feedback, Karen. I can't get that image out of my mind.
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Thanks, Marja.
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Thank you, Richard. Her doctors were amazed--but she did finally retire.
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Great post, Winnie. As a little girl, I loved nothing better than speaking in front of a group; as an adult, I went to any extreme to avoid it. When I kept hearing that writers need to be speakers too, I went to CLASS training and joined Toastmasters. Through them I overcame my fear. I highly recommend these resources.
Thanks, Ava, for this gentle kick in the seat of the pants. I'm a lurker, through and through, even on groups like CAN. (If there was a 12-step program, Lurkers Anonymous would be fitting, wouldn't it?) My problem is that I think about comments I would like to make but usually don't get around to posting them. Maybe if I cured my procrastination, I wouldn't be a lurker. Or maybe it would help to think of a blog comment the same way we think about a "first draft". Whew! After posting this long comment, I think I need to lie down.
Great ideas, Cherie! I will definitely reread my book to get ideas for marketing. That will be especially helpful for a daily devotional, because by the time I get to #365 I have no idea what all I've written about! Thanks for your insights.
Jan, thank you so much for this message--one that I especially needed to hear. I just finished writing a daily devotional book and am getting ready to start another one. I've been shocked at how easily I can spend all day studying the Scriptures and writing about God while neglecting to spend time with Him. Hopefully, your illustration of POV will help me keep my focus in the right place this year. I think I'll post those three letters above my computer as a simple but powerful reminder.
I loved this story, Janice! What a great reminder.
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Thanks, Karen. I hope youre having a blessed Christmas season.
Great message, Jeanette. I can relate--wish I'd read this years ago.
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Thank you, Jeanette, for letting me be part of this team.
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