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"BTW, head scarves are very rare, and veils are unknown. Senegalese women tend to dress up. Younger women mostly wouldn't look out of place in Paris; older women tend towards caftans and muu-muu like things. The general level of stylishness is high." I suppose when your clitoris and labia have been cut off and your vagina sewn shut - - then all you have left for enjoyment is playing dress up.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2009 on Senegal, wrap at Halfway down the Danube
This link - - has data specific to Senegal. The US had a 69% favourable rating in 2007. Americans had a 67% favourable rating in 2007. Nearly 40% had confidence in Bush, specifically. Over 40% supported the "Global War On Terror". But less than 20% supported the NATO occupation of Afghanistan. Hmmm. Maybe if Bush had wanted to increase his popularity in Senegal (which, as everyone knows, is a supremely important goal of every US President), he should have withdrawn all US forces from Afghanistan. I wonder if 0bama's attempt to duplicate the success of Bush's "surge" in Iraq with his own mini-surge in Afghanistan has cost him much support on the all-important Senegalese street?
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2009 on Senegal, wrap at Halfway down the Danube
Last odds and ends about Senegal. They don't like W. Senegalese, without an exception I could find, don't like George W. Bush. The reason is simple: he paid a visit there in 2003, and it was a disaster. This was just after the Iraq invasion, and basically the whole city of Dakar had to be shut down. He went out to the island of Goree to make a speech, and all of the people who lived there -- a thousand or so -- were taken off for a day. Security, right? Hmmm. "Popular in Africa: Bush has given more aid than any other US president" [T]here is another, perhaps more important, reason for President Bush's week-long visit to Africa: people actually like him here. A recent report from the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that "the US image is much stronger in Africa than in other regions of the world". At least 80 per cent of respondents in Ghana, Kenya and Cote d'Ivoire were favourable to the US. In all other sub-Saharan African countries polled, there were more "favourables" than "non-favourables". Unpopular at home, Bush basks in African praise Both articles are from 2008. I rather doubt that Bush's popularity has collapsed in just one year, especially since he hasn't been in office for the last 6+ months. But, hey. Let's not go basing our beliefs on recent scientific polling data. No, six-year old articles from Marxist rags and anecdotes from non-random samples have much higher validity, amiright? I mean, it's simply not possible that the people you spoke to there were just telling a leftist 0bama fanboy American what he wanted to hear out of basic politeness.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2009 on Senegal, wrap at Halfway down the Danube