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Tom Nocera
A creative, media relations guy with above average communications skills. Experience in both the private and public (gov) sectors. A Twitter evanglizer.
Interests: Web surfer, digital photographer, writer, reader, graphic design, website design, travel, public speaking
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Simply excellent analysis, Bert. President Obama is very bright, certain to learn from his errors. However, a bell once rung, cannot be unrung, and that is the case with his recent press conference response concerning his opinion of the arrest of Professor Gates. He showed a clear bias against the police and that he was capable of being judgmental without having factual data. This photo: taken immediately after the so-called "beer summit" also speaks loudly of a Presidential arrogance, who led the way down the steps while his friend, Professor Gates, who was walking with a cane, was clearly being helped by Officer Crowley. Like I said, he will learn from his mistakes, but the presidency cannot be very effective if it is widely perceived as a communications training ground.
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