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I would discount this statistic of 23% as an insignificant representation of opinion on the matter of the South’s belief in Obama’s birth credentials. If I were being surveyed and asked that question after reading only something about a challenge to his birth certificate, the appropriate answer would be “not sure”. However, of those strongly opposed to Obama’s agenda, many might join that 23% for spite. Consider how many would respond, for example, if they did not like the following: (1) Obama’s transparent misinformation that a single payer health plan is not part of this agenda. (2) Long waits for Government provided health care. For example, 50% of Canadian administrators versus none of their American counterparts said that it would take over six months for a 65-year-old to undergo routine hip replacement surgery. (3) A move away (except for the politically connected) from the only market based health care system in the developed world. Where will Canadians go when they need health care fast? Where will unconnected US citizens go? (3) His way of handing out cash for clunkers; The frenzy is reminiscent of slopping the hogs.(See comment at end of )
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