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Ms. Filipiak The service I received this week from Direct TV was horrible! It all started with a scheduled/cancelled/reschedule appointment and ended with an incomplete installation and a crack in my ceeling! I made an appointed early this week to have my Direct TV jack repositioned above the fireplace. The operator told me to have a TV, DVD, gamesystem, etc, ready for the technician. I agreed and went out and bought a TV to have it mounted above the fireplace. Two days later I called to confirm my appointment. Apparently, I did not have an appointment. Fine, I rescheduled it and was told that a tech would come on Saturday between noon and 4:00pm. I called Direct TV at 4:30. I called several times and eventually, around 7:30pm I was told that he would not show until Sunday. He arrived on Sunday morning around 9:00am. I found out that not only would I be paying the $99.00 fee for Direct TV but I would be paying him an extra $50.00. Once again I called to complain to Direct TV. They apologized but said that I would still have to pay. Fine, the tech got to work. Around 4:00 I heard a PLOP above and saw a huge crack on my ceeling. The tech came to the living room and told me to sign for the boxes because he had to leave to Lampassas for an emergency but because he was leaving the boxes I had to sign. He left and said he would return. 3 hours later he is still not here. Now I have one TV working. The TV and the Direct TV jack is not above the fireplace. In fact, it is still on the floor and I have a crack on my ceeling. To make things worst when I called customer service and asked to speak to a supervisor she hung up the phone in my face. If this is not horrible customer service I don't know what is. I have been a loyal customer for years but I'm not sure how much longer this will last. Please help a truly unhappy customer/blogger.