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TO understand time, it is necessary to understand its components. Time is energy (virtual), with the same energy density as solid mass. Time is a function of energy, and so identical to energy. Energy in three-dimensional space is understood as mass, energy in the fourth Minkowski axis (the Minkowski axis is a limited mathematical representative model to express a view of time; as mathematical models are abstract, they are easily corrupted, confused or elaborately overly complicated, and generally demonstrate no relation to our physical reality), as time, this means: Each spatial dimension is held within the next, in this setting, the three ordinary dimensions of space are combined within a single dimension of time, to form a four-dimensional manifold, representing a space-time reality. Everything is Energy, but it must be understood exactly what all energies are, time, mass, space, plasma, light, life, thought, every known or unknown form of energy ever conceived, they are all information, grains of TRUTHFUL information that interact, transmute, expand, constrict, but always build upon themselves, expanding out in all realities. These energies all follow simple underlying constraints, firstly they are all based on pure dichotomies, and the very nature of realities are always what lies between, secondly energy is in a state of evolution, its constitution needs to ultimately transubstantiate into ever more complex forms of information, thirdly all knowledge is connected, a single ocean of unity. Additional Information at the home page: Transfinite Consciousness Supreme Existence Time Explained
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