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Consider it is ok to have national pride and if we invade other countries or incite world domination so that we can feel good about ourselves as a nation that does not work. It took centuries to develop the nuclear technology we now have. You could say that technology is the real power of this country. That is the technology of domination and force. Where is the technology of love and acceptance? Is there something equally as powerful as nuclear weapons or a bomb that creates love and acceptance? One could argue that the internet is such a tool. Given that you are such an innovator of tools to bring together a city and possibly a country. Why are you looking at it all as a division? As if there is actually one half of the population that fits into either category. As if we should all divide and conquer. An eye for an eye and everyone is half blind. It is no different than saying this person is evil and this person is good. Life is actually full of contradictions. What would you suggest to empower what you like about each group?
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I have followed your blog for many years. In fact I have an rss feed of on my personal site. Reading your book for me as entrepreneur was truly inspirational. This last post really lacks something for me. Namely what do you suppose we should create as a culture that is exemplified globally. I live a great life and have everything I need and in many ways I am wasteful. Every single thing I do has an impact. I believe it is not who or what you are against but rather what you are out to create. For example I am out to create sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. To me that is the only future. I work to forward those conversations. Looking for creative ways to implement those ideas is just plain smart, saves money and resources. Consider that is the future of business. This website is powered by coal. In fact the 25 coal burning power plants that are required to run the data centers and infrastructure for the United States alone has an impact on those near the coal mining plants where they knock the top off of mountains causing ruin to the water system, and in the long run the global environment. Fundamentally there is nothing wrong with that, it is just what is so right now. As a web designer/developer I believe there is something else to create. It does not mean I need to fight against someone. That will yield more fighting. I can build websites on renewable energy powered servers. I can start the conversation for renewable energy powered data centers with zero carbon footprints.
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