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I really started to get into Rugby, I like the fact that like soccer NO commercials during games. I am really getting sick of NFL with all the commercials.
And now all champions league and Europa League games will now be in HD on Direct TV.
I agree and I would add that He did this because what would happen if he got hurt at the old pay rate. I think he is being smart and he gets the best of both worlds gets to play any where he wants it would be like a working vaction, the guy is going to train might as well get paid more and travel.
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2009 on Donovan pens new MLS contract at Soccer By Ives
I don't see Hejduk going. I really think that they will take Iro or Garey.
I was suprised to See Gino Padula left off, I thought Leftbacks that are good are like Gold.
I live in the area and what bothers me is that the address for the business is not where they live. The business address is in a housing development, so why do they live in condo complex north in Westerville and the business is a mile down the road in Gahanna, but both are in the same School District. I was wondering does this guy have two wives and that is the reason for the two houses and they are close they are both within 5 minutes of each other? That is the only reason why you would need two houses to keep the wives and family seperated. also how did the parents act when she made the cheer-leading squad and did they know? was changing religion what finally push them. I do think that she is scared and does not want to come home. I just hope that she will win.
If I remember correctly players only get additional money when they get to the later stages of the Champions League, check out what a crew player had to say about what they get paid. A Crew player who didn't want his name used said that the players are "really excited" about the CONCACAF Champions League games coming up, that "our contracts are geared toward league games." In other words, money talks. In addition to the $2,750 bonus that players divvy up for each Major League Soccer win, there is a big pot at the end; last year, Crew players split $196,000 for winning the MLS Cup. MLS players aren't paid extra for the initial six Champions League group-stage games but start earning additional money if the team is one of eight (out of 24) to reach the quarterfinals. The team that wins the Champions League is guaranteed at least $1 million when it enters the FIFA World Club Championship, of which $200,000 goes to the players, but that's off in the distance. The initial six games are scheduled from Aug. 18 to Oct. 23, in the midst of the MLS season.
I do think they should raise the min for the dev players and make it enough so that they can live off it. I also think that the roster should be increase maybe just for the teams that have the extra tournaments. I think that the players will never get free agency with this league, it is too important for the owners to keep costs down. I do think that the Salary cap Should be raised.