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Aug 4, 2009
I cannot express how much i need these tickets. About three months ago when i found out that the ufc was comming to P.A i was so pumped i could not believe it, i knew right then i had to get these tickets. My little brother who just graduated from high school who is leaving to boot camp for the marines in november, is an extreme b.j penn fan along with me. I wanted to get these tickets as a surprise to him so he could watch his favorite fighter in action! But by the time i came up with the money i was already to late, after i had already told my bro that we were going for sure, he was cool about it but i know he was upset because i had gotten his hopes up big time. Then i just saw the chance that i could win these tickets, this would be so sweet to do for my little bro it would be the perfect gift to him before he leaves to defend this country. Please i need these tickets this would be something that my brother and i would not forget and it would be a great memory to see our favorite fighter and a great inspiration for my brother..this would be huge i need these tickets, Please thank you
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