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I am a girl, who is trying to become a woman, while in the middle of figuring out which girl-like qualities are important to hold on to.
Interests: reading, music, friends, coffee, crafting, home decor, family
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I'm Emily's sister, and don't even remember how I found your blog, but I just wanted to say that I have experienced a lot of 'missing' community...If you have met my family at all(and I'm pretty sure you have, I believe we met at Em and Phil's wedding), you know that we are people who are around people and love people, so when I moved to New Mexico after getting married over 3 years ago, my life was TOTALLY changed! I began attending the church that my husband has attended his entire life, and found that the people here were much more conservative in their relationships, and I was not only unhappy here, but felt that therer was not much to offer me. It was heartbreaking, and I responded in bitterness. I hated it here, and told everyone that i was not going to live here forever. Well, it's been over 3 years, but I am finally finding that sometimes I feel like there's not enough time for all of the great pepole in our lives, and theres still a desire to do more and to be more. It's wonderful. I feel so blessed to have the friends that we have in our lives, and love the closeness that God has put there- the bond is great, and there's so much love. I realize that this isn't exactly what your situation has been, but I do understand gaining a different perspective, and this is just something that I've felt so blessed with lately. :)
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Welcome back! :)
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wow! What a cool (and maybe high maintenance???) idea!
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