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Hillary in support of talks between Argentina and the UK means as much as the steadfast U.S. administration belief in a two-state solution in Palestine/Israel. It's just that, talk, with no need to back it up. Likewise I'm wondering, Ben, whether people who think and talk a lot about money are really in a position of influence.
"The desperate, evil, Bush Nazis attack Haiti with a Tesla Earthquake machine" A bit of history: The island of Hispaniola, shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, is seismically active and has experienced significantly destructive tremors in the past. An earthquake struck in 1751, and another in 1770 when the island was under French control. According to French historian Moreau de Saint-Méry (1750–1819), "only one masonry building had not collapsed" in Port-au-Prince following the 18 October 1751 earthquake, but "the whole city collapsed" during the earthquake of 3 June 1770. Another earthquake destroyed the city of Cap-Haïtien and other towns in the northern part of Haiti and the Dominican Republic on 7 May 1842.[17] In 1946, a magnitude-8.0 earthquake struck the Dominican Republic and also shook Haiti, producing a tsunami that killed 1,790 people and injured many others.[18] A 2006 earthquake hazard study by C. DeMets and M. Wiggins-Grandison noted that the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault zone could be at the end of its seismic cycle and forecast a worst-case scenario of a magnitude 7.2 earthquake, similar in size to the 1692 Jamaica earthquake.[19] Paul Mann and a group including the 2006 study team presented a hazard assessment of the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault system to the 18th Caribbean Geologic Conference in March 2008, noting the large strain (overall equivalent to a 7.2 Mw earthquake); the team recommended "high priority" historical geologic rupture studies, as the fault was fully locked and had recorded few earthquakes in the preceding 40 years.[20] An article published in Haiti's Le Matin newspaper in September 2008 cited comments by geologist Patrick Charles to the effect that there was a high risk of major seismic activity in Port-au-Prince.[21]
"because the dollar symbol $, is derived from a Satanic image of two snakes fighting" is what you know, you know? :) the 'caduceus' is not two snakes 'fighting', its the double-helix our DNA expresses as Kundalini rises from the base. The number of turns as expressed in early Babylonian caduceus depictions show the number of the main chakras in the human body. It's not 'Satanic' either, it's simply what applies to the human body. If we are to believe the origin of the dollar sign is Hermenistic. If we are to believe its Roman origin, then it means the letter HS superimposed. The use of the sign is documented well before the founding of the United States, per Wiki: .
The demise of the dollar In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading By Robert Fisk Tuesday, 6 October 2009 In the most profound financial change in recent Middle East history, Gulf Arabs are planning – along with China, Russia, Japan and France – to end dollar dealings for oil, moving instead to a basket of currencies including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new, unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council, including Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Qatar. Secret meetings have already been held by finance ministers and central bank governors in Russia, China, Japan and Brazil to work on the scheme, which will mean that oil will no longer be priced in dollars. The plans, confirmed to The Independent by both Gulf Arab and Chinese banking sources in Hong Kong, may help to explain the sudden rise in gold prices, but it also augurs an extraordinary transition from dollar markets within nine years. (...) +++++++++ OPEC backs oil trade in dollars 20 Oct 2009, 2254 hrs IST, REUTERS LONDON: Oil producers and executives on Tuesday said the dollar was likely to stay the currency of oil trade and dismissed persistent speculation of a possible switch. A deep-seated debate over commodity dealings was rekindled by a British newspaper article earlier this month that said China, Japan, Russia and France were in secret talks with Gulf Arab states to stop using the U.S. dollar for oil trading. Big oil producers denied it at the time, but the dollar's slide to 14-month lows against a basket of currencies has kept the question of whether it can remain the world's reserve currency on the agenda and stoked speculation the report of a commodity trading switch could have some foundation. OPEC Secretary General Abdullah al-Badri said he knew of no plans for a change. "No, no," Badri told reporters on the sidelines of an industry conference in London. The euro, he said, would be the only currency that could be used and even then any transition would be long. He cited by way of precedent the move from sterling to the dollar as the world's reserve currency that only happened after two world wars. Many oil producers have a vested interest in the U.S. currency as they have huge dollar holdings and close ties with the United States, although U.S. foes, such as Iraq under the regime of Saddam Hussein, have taken some oil payments in euros. REAL SHIFT VERY HARD Settling particular contracts in a currency other than the dollar is easily achieved, but shifting away from dollar-pricing for commodities would require a huge effort to overturn years of established practice. Oil executives in London saw no appetite for it. "I don't think that oil will be moving from dollars to euros," Paolo Scaroni, chief executive of Italian oil major ENI , told Reuters Television. "Tradition is very important. We are all used to the dollar and it would be very difficult to shift to a basket of currencies." The report earlier this month in the Independent newspaper said talks were focused on switching over a nine-year period to a basket of currencies, including the Japanese yen and Chinese yuan, the euro, gold and a new unified currency planned for nations in the Gulf Co-operation Council. Jim Mulva, chief executive of ConocoPhillips, took a similar view to Scaroni. "I think oil will continue to trade to a great extent, certainly, in dollars," Mulva told Reuters in an interview on Tuesday. Whether the world trades oil in dollars or not is of huge significance to the U.S. economy, as well as to other governments that might think it is their turn to acquire the advantage the United States has long held. But from a pragmatic trading point of view, it makes no difference. (...) .
The Mountbatten surname derives from the German town of Battenberg, in Hesse. Prince Louis of Battenberg changed his surname to Mountbatten (its literal English translation) during the First World War at the request of King George V. One of the biggest public relations hoaxes ever perpetrated by the British Crown, is that King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1938, due to his support for the Nazis, was a ``black sheep,'' an aberration in an otherwise unblemished Windsor line. Nothing could be further from the truth. The British monarchy, and the City of London's leading Crown bankers, enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled the Führer's election, and did everything possible to build the Nazi war machine, for Britain's planned geopolitical war between Germany and Russia. .... it is well known among Wehrmacht survivors that the German luftwaffe had orders from Hitler not to bomb the City of London ... since Hitler was financed by these people.
please delete this comment. re. ... scroll down a bit if you're not interested in the ancient arrow site ... the talk later shifts to the triad of power, the illuminate, etc
The Nobel price as such is the western view of the world, nothing new there. I don't get from your statement as to why the 'Thule society' is 'desperate'? Is it not just perception and wishful thinking on your part, Benjamin? Not all that makes sense in arguments is actual reality. Labeling president Obama as mass-murderer ... does that help any cause or your credibility? What actual plans are undertaken to transform the worlds financial markets? How is peace and civility upheld in nation-states during these transitional years? This moment in time is adequately expressed in this opinion I read on the internet some place the other day: "a lot of people are really disgusted with the SO CALLED new age movement. primarily because many people are praying for "cleansing" DISASTERS instead of applying their minds with heart-focused intentions towards solving problems." Try this for size: cheers
"Barack Obama means Satan in ancient Hebrew" ... let's see your "evidence", Ben "Also, if you play Obama saying “yes we can” backwards you can clearly hear him saying “thank you Satan.” Reverse speech Reverse speech is a pseudoscience[1][2][3] first advocated by David John Oates, which gained publicity when it was mentioned on Art Bell's nightly Coast to Coast AM radio talk show.[citation needed] It claims that during spoken language production, human speakers subconsciously produce hidden messages that give insight into their inner thoughts. Oates claims that it has applications in psychotherapy, criminology, and business negotiation. Its claims have been rejected, however, by mainstream science and academia. (...) Most academics in the field of linguistics have not paid attention to Oates' work,[6] and it has been called a pseudoscience.[1][2] For the most part, universities and research institutes have refused to test Oates' theories because of a lack of theoretical basis to make his predictions even worth testing, and the fact that many of his claims are untestable,[7][3][2] but one of the few scientific experiments to evaluate Oates' claims did not support his findings.[6] Others have criticized "reverse speech" as lacking a rigorous methodology and not being informed by an understanding of issues in linguistics,[2] and characterized Oates as "more interested in making a profit than educating others," pointing out the large amount of merchandise and services his website sells.[1][7] Reverse speech has been compared to the controversial field (labelled a pseudoscience by some) of neuro-linguistic programming.[7] Because of the "dogmatic" tone of Oates' material, reverse speech has been compared to "fringe literature."[2] Oates' own claims about the applications of reverse speech have also been challenged. One report has questioned whether reverse speech was ever really used in police work, as Oates claimed.[2] Likewise, his claim that reverse speech has applications in psychology and psychotherapy is not supported by mainstream research in those fields.[2] Oates' work has been described as "dangerous" because of its potential for misuse and the likelihood of leading to false accusations of people in criminal courts, similarly to the controversial practice of facilitated communication.[1]
[off-topic] re. Ben's post in another thread: "Q: What about this vaccine? Will this Cabal fall before any of this can be realized? A: There is no chance whatsoever they will be allowed to carry out genocide by vaccine." ++++++ this here from David Icke as backdrop, the key word is INJECTED [vaccine] because the method of injection caused so many deaths during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918: "The difference between "good" and "bad" squalene is the route by which it enters your body. Injection is an abnormal route of entry which incites your immune system to attack all the squalene in your body, not just the vaccine adjuvant." ++++++ this here from CNN of today, the key word is INHALABLE: ++++++ CDC: 3.4 million inhalable H1N1 vaccine doses available soon updated 5:05 p.m. EDT, Fri September 18, 2009 ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Health officials expect more than 3 million doses of H1N1 flu vaccine to be available in the first week of October. "3.4 million doses of vaccines will be available," said Dr. Jay Butler, who heads the 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Task Force at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. "All of that vaccine is the inhalable vaccine," he said Friday. That form of vaccine is marketed in the United States as FluMist and is approved only for healthy individuals between the ages of 2 and 49. Pregnant women are not allowed to get this type of vaccine because it contains a live virus. Butler added that he thinks there some flu shots may be available in early October as well, but he had a hard number only for the inhalable vaccine. Flu shots contain an "inactivated," or dead, virus. The 3.4 million doses of vaccine that will be shipped at the beginning of October are the first of 195 million doses the U.S. government has purchased from five vaccine manufacturers, Butler said. (...)
"The 2 million person march on Washington and the corporate media attempts to ignore it ..." ... is a lie plain and simple. The approx 75,000 who did show up got the full media attention, not to worry, Ben. People in the U.S. start to wonder about this nationwide deep-seated mix of racism, helplessness and hope, lies, half-truths, disinformation and wishful thinking ... and somewhere along the line a thought takes hold, that these ones have a right to be angry when witnessing the handout of trillions to banking industry criminals .... and that this anger reflects off of a systems of government that is very close to loosing the right to govern. Don't worry, Ben, it's sinking in at the root ... that change is coming whether they want it or not. cheers
"Once the Feds go belly up, the media machine they used to keep these people in a trance will also fall. The truth shall then set them free." Ben, the money-matrix consists not only of those continuing bad practices in the financial industry, but mostly of those investing their money and future into these markets - in other words, all of us. The FED will not go belly-up, because they need and will stabilize the balance on the next lower level (on our behalf - rightfully so). And they do that to prevent anarchy in the streets because millions of families in the United States alone would be told their children's education has just been cancelled including their retirement. That you believe when this all goes to hell in a hand basket it would serve human kind to overcome the evil's of the world is strange to say the best ... the "evil" in the world is that people who think something is doable believe to have a right to force their way ... have a close look in the mirror, Ben. Change is needed, I agree with you, and the fundamental change for the world you and I want is hard work, a transformation taking years on end with the support of those in the system who have a conscious about the needs of humanity. "The beast" in end-times-terms is the masses driven by fear over the cliff following just every piper that comes along and nourishes their hope. How grotesque it has become is the dumb-founded reaction by those ones to this: "The antidote to rally rage Sept. 14: Rachel Maddow shares video of the witty tea party counterprotests by Billionaires for Wealthcare and then is joined by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, to talk about how progress is being made on the health care reform bill." video link: (it's a 9 minute video ... and the point could not have been made more eloquently ... please pay close attention to the onlookers who are being counter-demonstrated ... I do share their sense of hopelessness and dis-empowerment, Ben ... but they need agreeable vision for a fundamental new society, not hate and fearmongering because there are no answers in that ...) cheers
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"1) US has booked 195 million anti-H1N1 shots in all. Mass vaccinations to start by mid-October. 45 million doses will be available at the start, followed by 20m doses every year." Swine Flu Vaccine Should Not Be Given to Children in Schools This Oct. 2-4, 2009 in Washington, D.C., parents concerned about the lack of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the vaccination system will gather with doctors, scientists, bioethicists, legal experts, journalists, and consumer advocates at the Fourth International Public Conference on Vaccination to talk about the science, policy, law and ethics of vaccination. Gardasil & Swine Flu Vaccines: Inconvenient Truths
Miriam, i feel we focus on different things whilst approaching the same future we all want ... nice chatting with you!
Ben, "At its peak Western civilization used logic and science to blast away at superstition and ignorance. Any single person could, by means of evidence and logic, change the way Western civilization thought." ... i beg to differ ... In ancient days the study of Physics or Mathematics included Philosophy & Logic (the science of the nature of mind) and Astrology (the science of no-space). Superstition was not fought against, but the basis for philosophy and the notion of soul. The aim was not to understand what we see in the physical world, but our purpose of reincarnation into the physical world whilst observing ourselves. To do justice onto others was not understood as passing judgement, but listening so as to allow everyone to speak. I believe Plato gave an answer to both, the imperfection of the mind to reason with another mind about reality - and the nature of statehood, where free people surrender their right to life and self-determination to a democratic process they have no control over. The model of Statehood led to justification of intolerance and loss of liberty - and the Tyrant found out soon the only way to further exploit the life-force of others and to justify his world view .... was perpetual war and perceived crisis-management on behalf of the many. At the core, however, is that hole we all feel in our soul ... because, what are we doing here to begin with? D.
hey Miriam, "On a practical level, which is what I am concerned with here at this point, as I look across the world at the damage done... How is a community like Gaza going to clear and rebuild the destruction~ TODAY?" ... i don't know, because I don't know who would be able to compensate for injustice when all communities would change their ways and focus their effort on themselves. Looking back, certainly, injustice should be compensated in helping to rebuilt. Looking forward, we don't want to take uncalled for interest in other peoples life's any longer, no matter where they are on this planet. And then again, how do we get all the fluoride out of the water? How do we heal all the tooth-decay in the world? How do we get all of the Agent Orange out of the soil in Vietnam, or heal millions of Vietnamese whose DNA is altered by Agent Orange? How do we heal the Aids pandemic in South Africa (they have 5.7 million infected with HIV, or round 15% of the population, and the crime rate is going up rapidly because dead-man-walking have no hope left)? I believe that today global institutions do not have the resources to combat all that is wrong anywhere in the world - whilst on the flipside, these ones who'd like to help are robbed by 'the system' of their energy and resources to make a difference, even if they wanted to. But I think that functioning communities can cope with many problem on their own, especially in the health sector, because the global health crisis is at the root mis-use of resources and unhealthy practices. When both trends reverse, things will get better soon. "Cuba is an example of a Community who lives within its own sphere. It is a beautiful country with excellent education and health care. But there is no opportunity." hmmm .... imagine a world where all people share the fruits of their labor without monetary compensation. Meaning, one guy makes chairs, and when you need a chair you just go there and take one home. You yourself teach music, and whoever shows up for lessons is welcome. Now, why would people produce things not needed? Today we have competition in order to maintain market share because we're taxed w/o represenation (the state wants a share of your life-force, no matter what); in a world without money we would have competition of inspired minds & hearts ... these ones who make things most wanted feel a difference in satisfaction, then those who make things not needed at all. I don't mean to say that is a model for the future, Miriam, but i do believe that the value of labor and the need to consume will change in a new world order. Today we consume like crazy because it is easier to replace appliances made from cheap-labor, then to repair them at a rate a local craftsmen would need to charge. The market calls for profit rates which don't allow any longer that domestic labor can sustain a families need. US citizen who believe healthcare reform threatens their way of life whilst not having realized that their own labor is devalued to the point that a worker can't buy a kitchen chair made in USA any longer .... well, I'd like to leave it like that ... cheers, Miriam, the only way is up! :) Diego
hey Miriam, I agree with your observation about the history of Israel. But at the same time I believe that Israel, when required to find balance with their neighbors without the use of force or threat thereof, will be able to achieve peace finally - because both sides are tired of it; they just don't know how to end the cycle of violence. "There is vast damage that has been done that needs as many people as possible who are willing to take the steps necessary outside their comfort zone and do the work of healing this Earth and Her inhabitants. That will take the wealth that is being so generously and dutifully offered." I differ from your view somewhat. Thinking in basic terms here …. Money is the equivalent of life-force - and the sum-total of productive wealth of the Earth is being perpetually generated from people who actually work with their hands or produce services that are desired by others. There is no other money on Earth than the energy we collectively manifest. We believe today, for some strange twisted reason, that a) only those who have gathered huge sums of money from exploiting the labor of others would be able to make a difference in the world at large (because for us there is nothing left as the entire profit gap of our individual labor is being skimmed off by the system). And b) that profit generated from value transfers (such as trading highly inflated stock, future market options, or any other ‘money instrument’) is valid money, in a sense that it represents actual productivity. Wealth that is generated w/o effort is theft, as it devalues the actual real effort of labor. People who’re on the gold-train-of-hope (the myth there would be huge sums of Gold hidden, ready to “bail us out”), don’t realize two things, and then again, growing up in a distorted world we don’t even realize the absurdity of it: 1) these secret mountains of gold, so they exist, are all owed by someone, either institutions, or individuals, and if they ever come to market they will entirely devalue the money that is in circulation, even if they’re being thought of as collateral to hold the value of money stable. They will serve henceforth, because they’re privately owed, as weight in international trade or to bring economic pressure to bear, once again by a few individuals controlling the punch. But even more importantly 2) we don’t need 15 trillion coke cans as new currency collateral, because it just consumes a medium of exchange (Aluminum) without addressing at the same time the crucial question of the exchange value of labor or service. Why should a bred not cost the same anywhere on Earth, it’s being produced by two hands and a baker just the same. It is absurd to believe we need someone else to tell us what our work is worth, or to have something tangible expressing the very thought we’d know what we’re doing. This traditional thinking of old, how life is measured here around, only has meaning in a world where at least ½ of the population does not work in terms of producing anything. Grotesquely so, its either the rich, or the unemployed who feed off of the ever shrinking labor force that does exist. "There is more to this than contracting into small communities and saying the hell with everyone else." Maybe I was a bit too short on that thought. I believe when shifting the center of gravity from centralized government or institutions to local communities we will again establish a healthy and natural balance, because it also means 'no taxation without representation'. Most services we need in our immediate local life situation we not even need a medium of exchange for. Its hours of labor spend for producing food, vs. hours spend caring for the sick, labor for teaching the kids, or patrolling the streets. Outside or own base for living is hardly anything we need to finance out of our pocket – because it will be afforded by those communities living there, in their own natural balance of life. Democracy Direct is a concept that does not exploit our free-will agreements, whilst allowing us to have control over everything that really matters to us. Today, as the loss of money is paramount everywhere, people are removed from any and all decision making processes and political will is invested solely to keep us quite and away from any influence. And so, it takes both moves at once, Miriam. Putting our medium of exchange back into a natural & healthy balance reflecting the real life of people who serve each other - whilst allowing no-one to have any outside control over our immediate needs. The whole problem of destructive market forces on Earth is actually just the way we think. Once we stop believing some evil force is hindering us to be free, and we start re-organizing our local life how it should be (as this NWO falls apart before our very eyes) … we will be actually free … and we play soccer against the neighboring town then … it’s tradition, Miriam! :) Cheers, Diego
Ben - hope you're OK after the Earthquake ...
"Diego~ Read more carefully~ Ben says this in answer to your question~ his last sentence~ "The refugees will simply be people who, once they learn about the monstrosities of their satan worshipping ruling class, will decide they would rather live elsewhere." Miriam ... from a practical point of view, these Jews who committed these 'monstrosities' are no Jews to them. When true peace in the Middle East gets a chance for the first time many moderate Jews who already left Israel in the wake of Zionist excesses during the last twenty years will return and give Israel a second chance. On the other hand, the Jewish national right will never leave Israel - their steadfast religious believe has nothing in common with Satanism. And so the movement of people would be rather opposite, not away from Israel, but back home into the peaceful homestead Jews always dreamed off - where they will live in peace with their Semitic neighbors. Ben's sentiment for drama got the better of him ones more … most if not all theories about future human decision making are ill conceived in that they’re the product of an over-simplified causality assuming the good in humans will win the day once all have understood who the bad ones are. Ben’s approach to the problem of human disempowerment is solely waking the pillars the money-grid rests on today (as he truly believes the one bunch of secret criminals will straighten out the other bunch of secret criminals – and that would do). The problem on Earth ain’t money, or the declining value of money per se, in my opinion. The problem at its root is that we invest our life-force equivalent (that is money) into institutions we have no control over. Once we have enabled the global power-grid by our contribution these actions run their course with the energy we have invested in them. In other words, if we would change the center of gravity from centralized governments to local communities, we would cease to invest into global agenda we have no control over. We could leave the entire banking system as it is today – it’s how money is spend on our behalf into a money-grid that builds a unjust reality for all, in which we have NO SAY about this reality we have funded. This power struggle behind the curtain about huge sums of money is not helping anyone to gain understanding of how to reform this reality on Earth … people who think about true democracy and how their life-force contribution should be applied for their immediate needs in their local communities find no answers on this blog. Cheers
"The CIA is expecting 2 million Jewish refugees following the collapse of the Zionist monarchic rule of Israel" you lost me there ... why would Jews leave their homeland when > "Nobody is going to attack or harm the Jews anywhere in the world." ?
"Jesus Christ was a freemason" There were two brothers, Jesus and Christ. Jesus lived out his life in India, Christ ascended from the Queens Chamber of Cheops pyramid and became the planetary logos. Barnabas died at the cross. Seth and Osiris. Hunahpu and Xbalanque. The story repeats itself as life in duality repeats itself. Except Christ ascended at the first zero point - now is the second zero point ... what does it mean that we have 2 zero points only 2,000 short years apart when the cycles of time are measured by 26,000 years for the Alcyone cycle, and 205,000 years for the Grand Cycle (8x the Alcyone cycle)? Our mind is never satisfied ... there is the next bit of information stirring out emotion, and the next ... Plato called it a Cave and explained these shadows of our minds illusion [of reality] are a world unto them and make only sense by reflection of the analytic mind ... Christ spoke of the Church Within, the only way out of here, and it is the path of the heart energy, Ben, not the mind that has the answer, because .... the mind is never satisfied. cheers
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Ruth, "This action is in direct violation of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act. Burgermeister’s charges include evidence that Baxter AG, Austrian subsidiary of Baxter International, deliberately sent out 72 kilos of live bird flu virus, supplied by the WHO in the winter of 2009 to 16 laboratories in four counties. She claims this evidence offers clear proof that the pharmaceutical companies and international government agencies themselves are actively engaged in producing, developing, manufacturing and distributing biological agents classified as the most deadly bioweapons on earth in order to trigger a pandemic and cause mass death." Labs need the original strand when developing effective vaccines ... nothing sinister about it ... The common annual influenza epidemic is believed to affect 5-15% of the worlds population, killing 250,000 - 500,000 people every year. There have been 3 major influenza pandemics in the 20th century: a) The H1N1 outbreak (Spanish flu) of 1918 killing an estimated 20 - 100 million people, b) Asian flu H2N2 virus (1956–58) killing 2 million, c) Hong Kong flu H3N2 virus (1968–69) 1 million. Most conspiracy theories floating abound is people either not knowing history or science and/or not having any sense of reality & responsibility towards the challenges of life. On the other hand, its an ascension syndrome when people expand their consciousness in these "end times" before planetary transformation takes hold & they lose a down-to-earth sense of this reality because they already shift from this world to the next ... these times we're in are called "the time of tribulation" in the Bible for this reason. As everyone works on their own shadows within, the world outside becomes the shadow world as a projection of our thoughts (we create what we fear - the only thing we should fear is fear itself). "Bernanke says the money went to 14 other central banks but he is lying." ... and if Benjamin takes only 6 min. watching that video he'd actually note that Bernanke said 1) the money goes to 2 central banks, 2) he'd not know to which banks these 2 central banks further lent the money to, 3) these 2 central banks are responsible paying the $500b back to the FED. here: cheers
"In a remarkable paper posted by the Federal Reserve of St. Louis, and authored by a Boston University teacher named Prof Kotlikoff, it is revealed in blunt, powerful language that the era of borrowing and spending without consequence may soon come to a close. Kotlikoff explains, "Unless the United States moves quickly to fundamentally change and restrain its fiscal behavior, its bankruptcy will become a foregone conclusion." (end quote) interesting read (from 2006): Is the United States Bankrupt? by Laurence J. Kotlikoff (in essence, Kotlikoff explains the US financial problem lie in a revenue/liability gap of $65 trillion due to social security spendings, not in national debt)
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"The question is what to do about this" I believe the “manufacturing of consent” does not happen in the extreme - as sexual ritual as a means to achieve loyalty among followers is the rare exception given the broad and entrenched nature of global systems of control. Sexual enslavement always serves the need of individuals … it might be part of the global power-play but I don’t think it’s the determining factor for successfully achieving global control whilst securing the silence of the masses. Looking at national governments and national agencies in general ... whoever joins the inner circle of power has already agreed to not question the validity of centralized power - thus, serving centralized institutions means to agree to their very existence, and conversely, it means to agree that these institutions have a right per se to act on behalf of people whose consent is not needed or required. Questioning centralized institutions means to be removed from the inner circle of influence … thus – you either serve the idea of centralized power or you’re ejected from the inner circle of influence. Right there, Ben. No need to sacrifice yourself on the altar of science, please! :)
Ben - in further response to our recent exchange - I believe it would be beneficial to invite all to comment: In my opinion - at the root of all the misery on Earth is the fact that people by their free will invest their life force into agendas, which then play out as to the laws of energy in motion. For millennia the masses allow that their creativity in form of its life-force equivalent (that is money) is being used for power plays and greed, and in that sense its stolen from them and not available any longer for the greater good. Even so, when asked, everyone would tell you their energy should be used for good because they don't like the destruction we cause after we see how it plays out again ... people aren't able to change the course of events on Earth because they still invest into agendas and a monetary system that only repeats the mistakes of old. Taken into account that centralized institutions take control away from the people - and people can only deal with life and their individual needs in front of them - then you have disempowerment of the masses because they give their control away into the centralized system – and later they can't correct the fallout because the energy runs its own course of action and they have no means to object or correct. Changing the monetary system alone will thus not help. A vital first step would be to not allow any longer that the medium of exchange for our life force is sold to us as at interest. Taken the US debt of $11 trillion alone, it means that if the interest on that is only %5 annually the loss of energy to community needs is in excess of $500 billion/annually in the U.S. alone. But that's just the outward symptom of a broken system where the middlemen feed off of the life force of others. Obviously, breaking the grip of the middlemen means changing this global society in such ways that it returns control of life to the base of living, which is the town institution where people live and would decide by direct vote how their money is spend for their direct needs (no taxation w/o representation, etc). Take that idea and knock on every door anywhere on Earth and you'll find a mother or a father who will agree with you. The understanding that violation of that core principle of "no wealth w/o effort" is a sin plus the idea of "democracy direct" for ones living circumstance is a shared ideal anywhere on Earth. It's our human desire to control and form our lives to our liking whilst we well know we have to find balance of interest with our neighbors. Problem in hand is thus fragmentation of the global community whilst allowing middlemen to represent our needs - fighting the middlemen, be it Obama, or the FEDs or Rothschilds ... thus isn’t going to help to foster global consent based on free-will - these ones just defend their turf because out there is no support whatsoever for a decentralized system. In plain sight, Ben – you fight for a future system you have no expressed support for, and they will resist to surrender control for after them is nothing in existence to live by as commonly agreed upon law of the land. That very thought of democracy direct on Earth and the departure of central organization has not hit home yet with the masses. The key to the riddle is thus not to continue the fighting game amongst the insiders ... but to create a thesis outside contemporary thought most people on Earth can agree with. Right there I asked you what threatening Obama is supposed to achieve? Nothing, Ben - we're about to create something from nothing that does not yet exist on Earth. Use your exposure to further a construct of thought most can agree with. Change on Earth always begins with a thought construct, which then, when allowed to manifest globally by free-will contribution, will manifest over time because its inherent principle of justice and equality has magnetic qualities in a time of great need. People want change they can agree with by their free will. This one will take years to bring home and it needs time allowing people to agree to a philosophy of thought answering all their most vital questions for the day after dissolving the current system of control – yet, fighting for control makes you one of THEM because you deprive people of any chance to agree WITH you. In other words, you have a typepad, Ben, use it to foster understanding and global agreement for the world of tomorrow we all seek! Cheers, Diego