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I think there is another thing this teaches - Don't hesitate to make BIG goals. I've never heard any stories about the settlers saying "Let's make a pilot test trip to the nearest island first." Their goal was the new world and they were willing to give their all to get there. Commit to big goals that mean something to you and then be willing to give everything you have to achieve them!
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Hi Jane: I would find it useful if your article links opened in a new page instead of taking me away from your blog. That way I could open several of them while still staying on your blog. Of course the bottom line is that I really appreciate your lists and find them very worthwhile.
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I couldn't agree more Becky. I have two recommendations. The first is to write your purpose down. I've found that nothing focuses my purpose better than having to put it to paper. Second is to write down the assumptions that underlie your purpose. Similar purposes can arise from differing assumptions. Sometimes that provides an opportunity for collaboration. Sometimes not. My experience says it is best to know beforehand what is leading to your shared purpose with others. Assumptions allow you to do that. Thanks for provoking more thought.
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I'm struck by the fact that, while the technology lockdown is great in industry, it is often even greater in two places where we need innovation dearly - government and K-12 education. How can we expect new ideas and opportunity to flow in environments that have thicker technology walls than any other place in the world. How can these environments continue to survive in a "there's an app for that world?