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Cont'd.... We need to expose the truth about this pig, Muhammed. He is the direct cause for immeasurable human suffering of both Muslim & us "infidel" alike. Muhammed is Islam's Achilles heel & the Islamists know it. That is why they go into a mindless rage whenever we infidels as much as mention his name - to intimidate us into keeping silent about the truth about Muhammed. If the barbarity of Muhammed is exposed, the lie that Islam is built on is exposed, and the foundation collapses. Help expose the truth about Muhammed! ~ The Infidel Alliance
I wonder if the booklet on "Everything a Muslim must know" Includes the fact that Islam's "holy" prophet, Muhammed was actually a sadistic barbarian sociopath, a murderer, a beheader, an amputator, a mutilator, a torturer, a slaver, a rapist & sex trafficker, a paedophile rapist, a looter & thief, a liar, a misogynist, a genocidist, a self admitted terrorist, motivated by personal lust, greed & power. Muhammed was not some "holy" man. He was perhaps one of the most vile men in the pantheon of human history. He represented the absolute WORST in humanity. He should be thrown in the Jeffrey Dahmer wing of a supermax prison and the key thrown away, not feted as in the Koran as "an excellent model of conduct". Cont'd....