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Tim For Change
Surrey, UK
New Dad,Media type,Conservative Activist, #labourfail ,30Something,Marketing Director,Television, Proudly British, Dog Lover, Atheist
Interests: Politics and my baby daughter
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A number of posters have already pointed out that the expansion of Heathrow reflects a very London centric approach to the issue. I agree. I was therefore excited to hear about the High Speed Rail policy to provide improved infrastructure to Birmingham and Manchester announced at the last conference. Combined with upgrading and expanding regional airports in Manchester and Liverpool this could have been the foundation for investment and regeneration. However, in the light of the inevitable austerity a Conservative government would face I am not sure if this investment is still feasible. I would like to see the two issues paired, it would give the sense of us having a strategy not just on transport but on redevelopment. Sadly, we haven't heard very much about HSR recently for the above reasons, does anyone know the status? Hopefully we will have further detail at conference this year.
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Teaching the history of Britain will be what unites the modern Britain. Until people feel they understand what Britain means, how can we expect them to feel pride, and thereby to take some active responsibility for their local community. Britain has one of the most incredible national histories in the world, a history that has touched and learnt much from every corner of the globe. The comparison with the American national identity (and 'American 'dream') have been made before, but I feel that we currently have a vacuum where we should have a modern unifying sense of nationhood. Imperial Britain offered a 'vision' that over the last century has become an anachronism, so we need to rediscover just what makes Britain great today. Britain is multiracial and this is the positive legacy of our empire, commonwealth and true international outlook for centuries. But we have no one to articulate or even start the debate on what it means to be British. That is the role that the Conservative party should fulfil, it is what all communities, from all ethnic background are calling out for. Nationalism is too important an issue to be left to the extreme left parties.
Toggle Commented Jul 2, 2009 on A patriotic plea to David Cameron at thetorydiary
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