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Where was paul ryan and what did he contribute to romney's fiasco?
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2012 on Zip it, Willard! at Prairie Weather
I think that it is very apparent that romney may be a good business man, but that does not make him a great candidate for POTUS. My God, he screwed up yesterday. How terrible. he lied about what a sitting POTUS said and then did not really say anything about those who were killed. What must the rest of the world think? He HAS to be defeated in Nov.
First I want to say I love the past 2 paintings. I love all kinds of veggies except turnips. The year I was going to try them and introduce them to my children(Thanksgiving at my mothers house, she burnt them to crisp. There are fewer things worse then burnt turnips. So, I really like all veggies. This year string beans were my favorite too. I grew butternut squash for the first time. We have an over abundance of tomatoes. I planted 29 plants. I have froze over 20 lbs of tomatoes and made 18 lbs of salsa. More being made today! One of the best ways I found to introduce kids to veggies is to have a garden. And let them eat anything(after it's been washed) raw. My kids, who would not eat peas, beans, corn etc. ate them after being allowed to work in and eat from the garden. My city dwelling kids ask me to grow some veggies for them to this day.
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