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Great stuff, Tim. Any rep trying to get a job in medical sales needs to convey ultimate confidence. You can also learn more about this topic at
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Canadians do not have a knowledge of what health care SHOULD look like, since they have never experienced abything except their system of rationing service, long waits, withholding of services. Do you REALLY think that spoiled Americans, who demand by birth-right the latest/greatest health care technology, no mater what the cost, with settle for what Canadians kive under??? NO WAY, Jose'! In addtion, my industry, medical sales, has already lost 20,000 high-paying jobs, due to the threat of Obamacare! learn more about the impact of reform on the medical device sales and pharmaceutical sales industries at
What Obama fails to address when plugging his healthcare reform package is the tremendous number of jobs which will be lost under his plan. Healthcare is one of the biggest employers in the nation, and we stand to lose over 100,000 jobs if the Obama plan is put into place. At my web site, , which is a job board for medical device sales representatives and pharmaceutical sales representatives to find jobs, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the number of jobs posted by medical companies as they leave sales jobs vacant....taking a wait-and-see attitude until the Obama healthcare plan unfolds.
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