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Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand
I have been on and off diets for 40 years. 2010 is the year to get sorted.
Interests: gardening, relationships, cooking, reading, writing, life as we know it, maintaining a desirable weight
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Jan 20, 2011
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Jan 20, 2011
Deb is now following Sage
Jan 20, 2011
I can see now that my beliefs are extremely important in how I create my life (and my body). The main problem is that I am often unconscious about them and mistake them for the truth. Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2010 at dietconscious
Daily Motivation: Glass in the sun held steady over paper produces fire – Glass in the sun moved over paper produces nothing Focus I have a lot of trouble maintaining focus and so, looking around the web, do a lot of other people. So how is it achieved? Awareness: Having awareness that focus is extremely important in achieving anything sounds basic but how many times do we lose focus, especially focus on dieting which is very hard to maintain long term? Therefore by accepting and maintaining awareness of its importance; actually achieving long-term focus is more attainable. One of the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2010 at dietconscious
I am pretty sure there is a link between low carb dieting and depression. If this is a ‘truth’ it is indeed a very inconvenient one considering I have two blogs going about my proposed journey to slenderness via my version of a low carb diet. Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at dietconscious
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Dec 30, 2009
moving anywhere in fear is like multiplying by zero, it always gets you nowhere. Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2009 at dietconscious
What does "The Right Diet Look Like"? Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2009 at dietconscious
I think about “the right diet” a lot. Is there a right diet? Is the diet that was right last year still the right diet or even the most right? Is the right diet right for everyone or are different diets right, or more right for different people? Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2009 at dietconscious
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Dec 26, 2009
acai berries,,,I have no idea whether or not they actually work but the methods by which they are being sold leave a lot to be desired. Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2009 at dietconscious
Maybe while you aren't running over the Christmas break you could give walking a try? It's so much easier on the body and has great spirit-lifting capacities
Toggle Commented Dec 26, 2009 on Drat and double-drat at The Diet Naked Blog
The www is a very dangerous place for dieters Continue reading
Posted Dec 26, 2009 at dietconscious
Some days are just not low carb days and Christmas Day is one of those days. Other high carb days, even when I'm trying to lose weight are birthdays, weddings and sick days. My birthday and Christmas very special reward days and not an excuse to pig out. I'll enjoy everything I want to eat but try to do it in moderation. I can't eat low carb while I'm feeling sick. I think my body just kicks in and knows it needs carbohydrates. Scooby Scales say: Down another 700 gms. That's 3 kgs in less than three weeks. Not bad... Continue reading
Posted Dec 23, 2009 at dietconscious
Low carb diets make socializing easy. Continue reading
Posted Dec 22, 2009 at dietconscious
I have probably picked the worst time in the world to start a diet and a diet blog. Question: Who in their right mind starts a diet a few weeks before Christmas? Answer: Someone who knows how much weight can go on during the silly season. I always give myself a low carb reprieve on very special days e.g. Christmas, birthdays (very significant ones only), weddings. So on Christmas Day (Christmas Day only) I will be enjoying my fair share of carbs. On Boxing Day I will jump right back on the wagon. A dear friend and fellow low -carber... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2009 at dietconscious
I'm down 2.3 kilos in less than a week and I haven't been hungry! Continue reading
Posted Dec 20, 2009 at dietconscious
…so switching to a low carb diet requires significant preparation. Very useful items · Electronic bathroom scales. · Fully dissolvable, tasteless fibre powder e.g. Benefibre, Metamucil fibresure · Carb counter (inexpensive book with carbohydrate values of most foods, not to count carbs just to check out what is low carb and what is not) · Clear file (to start a low carb recipe collection) · A good multi-vitamin and extra vitamin C What do I eat? I base my meals around good quality protein and low-carb vegetables. I have three priorities: · Low Carb · Delicious · Healthy (reasonably) In... Continue reading
Posted Dec 18, 2009 at dietconscious
Posted Dec 18, 2009 at dietconscious
Day 3: Scooby Scales say: 1 kilo loss! I know it isn’t 1 kilo of ill-gotten fat but it is one hell of a way to kick of a diet and give the motivation a healthy charge. That’s the way a low carb diet works for me. Day 3 was not an easy day. Knowing that I was committed to coming here and writing about the day helped keep me on track. I wanted to go and buy myself a bottle of bubbles but I thought about what writing that into my diet blog would look like. A low carb... Continue reading
Posted Dec 16, 2009 at dietconscious
Why a Low Carb Diet? Because I have tried just about every diet known to mankind and I have been most successful cutting my carbs way back. I’m not talking about Aitkin’s because I don’t go that low but definitely low enough to call it low carb. I am not saying that low carb is the only way to go or that it is right for everyone, but I think it is for me. I even thought I had finally cracked my weight issues and successfully maintained a 12 kilo weight loss for over a year. OK that’s not so... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2009 at dietconscious
Hi Really like your blog and the links to the Biggest Loser are interesting. I thought they have actually done quite well. I didn't check them all out by any means but most of the ones I saw have kept off a good portion of their weight, which considering the way they did it, isn't bad.
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Dec 14, 2009
Last night I shared French toast lathered with maple syrup and two decadent chocolate ice creams for dinner, with my dog. I also drank half a bottle of wine and a can of beer but the dog wouldn’t succumb to these. Why? Because this morning I am going to start a diet! This morning I woke up thinking about how nice plus size clothes have become and wondering if I can really be bothered trying to get my weight down, again for the umpteenth time. After all I have a lovely man who says he loves my curves and I... Continue reading
Posted Dec 14, 2009 at dietconscious