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That's a fascinating article, especially given the prominence of the writers in Internet governance and law. And it's especially important with the growing role that Facebook plays not just as a forum for discussion and debate within its own boundaries, but as the required means of identification for joining conversations on news sites, blogs and other sites. I wonder if the process of electing representatives to some deliberative body would play out in the same way it has in parliamentary democracies, with parties forming and aggregating policy options – and what role corporations, governments and other organizations (and their resources) would play in trying to influence the outcome of those elections and the ensuing discussions. ... as well as what employment opportunities that would entail for speechwriters. (Cough.)
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2013 on Representative Democracy for Facebook at Cairns Blog
Dan, did you see Keith Lang's post at the end of November? There's at least a little hope that things will get better... although the countdown timer isn't in the roadmap, and calling the crop/resize behaviour of v.1 "quirky" suggests there isn't a lot of love for it among the new dev team.