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Michael Murdock
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the install of windows 7 into a pre-allocated disk works well. however, using the bootcamp partition as a vm seems to require a reactivation of both windows and microsoft apps even after installing vmwaretools which is unavoidable as it does so automatically in 2.0.5 when you first boot windows in your bootcamp partition. Rebooting the MacMini into bootcamp reveals that it thinks that windows 7 as well as all microsoft apps are not activated and must be reactivated. Shutting down, rebooting into OSX, launching vmware fusion, restarting it with the bootcamp partition as the virtual machine creates a circle of reactivations that this could be written and re-written, but you get the general idea. Speed was more snappy when using the bootcamp partition as the vm than when not. So was confused about that, but...the reactivation issue is just that, an issue which needs to be resolved as something is switching things in the registry vs. just reading them as it should be doing. MM
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