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The past week has been noisier than usual. Even over the weekend, three straight sparklingly clear days with very light wind, the flights were almost non-stop. Today is rainy, and the flights began before 6 a.m. They will continue all day, probably into the night. I have only lived in Somerville for four years, and aside from the extreme inconvenience and disruption caused by this kind of noise, I worry that my property value is being negatively affected. If I had known about the Logan traffic, I might have thought more carefully about buying in Somerville, and I am sure that will be the case with potential buyers when I need to sell. Of course I complain to Massport, and of course I get their form letter in reply which always states weather statistics, so I've started including my own unscientific observations in my letters to them. I keep everything I send them, but I'm only one person. That makes me a crank. We need everyone in Somerville and surrounding towns to do this. We need to coordinate our efforts, because the FAA and Massport can dismiss individuals out of hand.