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It's not like she will be out of a job or out of loot, five years for &65 mil, not bad for lousy work ethic and biased long Katie and good riddance.
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The Sheen family has a problem. Chucky is bi polar and is suffering from substance abuse, the physical affects will continue to increase as his mental deterioation continues. They need to bring Chucky back to real life and the sooner it's dealt with the better. Life is tough, it's even tougher if your stupid....JW
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Blago may be a happy go lucky crook but he is a small fish when he is compared to what he is up against, his testimony is being denied as well as his request for witnesses and documented evidence is being denied by the court. Looks like to the average observer, the chi-town thug operation is stretched to stop Blago at every point of the contest.