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TypePad HTML Email I love Kings on the Corner! We just pulled that one out of memory this summer when a teenager came to stay with us for a week. We stayed up late nights playing that game and eating salt water taffy. I’d love to play with you some time! Hope we meet live one day! From: TypePad
That picture did turn out beautifully, Selena! I just love vintage buttons too. Especially those that my grandmother and great grandmother collected by snipping them off worn out clothing. I feel like the memories are almost tangible as I sift the buttons through my fingers. Check out some of my photos of my heirloom buttons here:
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I adore bridge, too! My grandma taught my dad who taught me. My maternal grandma was really the card shark though. She raised my mom and uncle on the navy base, where everyone played cards. I know more than 100 games, and I love to play! Does anyone play these games anymore? Maybe a cocktail and cards party is in order! Also, I love the children's book you found. Vintage kids books are so charming. Will you keep or sell that one? Come see me sometime at ;)