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Ingenieur and entrepreneur
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@Jeffgreen54 Renault change batteries when capacity has fallen to 70%.
@Thomas Pedersen 100 kW is enough for a van like that. It is not a sports car. 80 km/h, that seems low but the van is 4.2 t, i.e. above the 3.5 t that makes it a truck / lorry. In many EU countries e.g. Danmark and Deutschland, 80 km/h is actually max speed on any road. Also a van this tall has heavy wind resistance penalty when driving fast. So slower speed help keeping a longer range. Its intended use is a typical city deliveries, and for many companies a daily 200 km might be enough, alternatively recharge in the lunch time.
@mahonj > Small electric urban vehicles are a good idea, but they won't help the traffic much if they are still 2 people wide. It is shorter than a normal car, so it takes up less space. Also it will be much easier to find a parking space for a vehicle this size.
"The Big 3 may soon have to form an alliance to compete?" Toyota, VW and GM have nothing in common. Three different cultures, it would be a mistake.
> If the battery pack is the same as in the Blue car, they also have to run hot, and need a supply of electricity all night to keep them functioning. Do you have a link what this is about?
So it is a hybrid without plug-in, first gear (max 20 km/h) electric drive and very small battery. That is less than Toyota Prius did 15 years ago. To me this is too little. What we need is hybrid cars, that at least can drive electric for most of city driving.