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"Laughter is as medicine to the bones"
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This is so close to my heart. My finace passed away 16 months ago from kindey/liver failure. We lived together and I was his care taker. In the two months from the time we became aware of his illness til his death, while we could not make love by intercourse, it did not stop us from making love. One of the very last times he was at home, he made love to me one night by simply caressing my shoulder. When he was in his coma in the hospice ward, I continued to make love to him in this same way. It may not sound like much, but it was so very special to us. When I contacted CP after his passing, Rose Mary x9549 saw him rubbing his shoulder. While she did not understand it, I knew he remembered and was sending his love my way.
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Why would anyone want a "fake" life anyway. The more authentic I am the more I attract what really makes me happy! My life becomes a blessing to me AND to others!
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Thank you so much Jesse for your insightful article. I guess this describes what has been happening to me. I have long been a student of Astrology and have been open to the Tarot however, my spiritual awakening, explosion really, happened after the death of my Beloved fiance! Our connection is still so strong, although I have learned I have to be quiet about it because it freaks people out! I have lost some "friends" over it. The signs he sends me are so clever, numbers, dreams, clouds, and are sent to let me know he is well and is with me during this time in my journey. I have been able to share these things with his family, they know too. My friends thought I was crazy when I would hear a song and I just KNEW David was sending it, even before Blackhawk confirmed, "He sends you songs to let you know he loves you." I relpied, I know he does! The day on his father's funeral, I was driving alone in the car and an old rag time song came on, his father was a musician and had an 18 piece jazz band, and there were horns blaring in the background that turned into voices chanting Jonathan over and over, his dad's name. This was not from Jonathan, but it was David telling me "Dad's put a band together already and I'm in it!" I laughed out loud! and passed this onto his family. When I feel his presense it is NEVER scary, rather all I feel is profound love, and I just open myself up to it and my whole being revels in and returns it. He has turned my sadness into JOY! The more I open myself to it the more I see the REAL reality. My "friends" just don't get it, they can't because they prefer the "drama" of this reality. I am walking a different journey now.
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sweet 16! 1961! My fav # is 7, can you guess why? have fun!
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Krystal, thanks, but did you try the exercise? Just another way to "Know Thyself." I would really like to know if people here benefit from this. Please let me know. J
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Sep 16, 2009
I agree, the more I learn about astrology to more I have questions. There is so much depth in the natal chart and it truely is so unique, like a finger print or DNA even. You have the Sun sign, the Rising, the houses, the personal planet placements and the outer, tranformational planet placements; the houses, and retro, yes I am also mercury retro. You also have the aspects and degrees. Try this little exercise a mentor taught me: Look at your natal chart and list the planets by degree, from lowest (more potent influenece) to lastest. For instance, my Mars(ruler of my Ascendant, Aries) is at critical 0' degrees which in most cases would indicate that I jump on situations immediately and am very driven! However falling in my fourth house of home, Cancer, counteracts this tendancy as my earliy years make clear action an issue for me. When I look at someones chart this is the first exercise I do, before even noting the houses or aspects. It is the start for me to put "flesh" one the chart. Here are my other planets by degree as an example. 00° 39' MARS Cancer 3rd 07° 06' Pluto R Virgo 6th 08˚ 03' Mercury R Pisces 12th 11° 19' Neptune R Scorpio 7th 13° 11' Venus Aries 12th 15° 01' Moon Pisces 12th 23° 35' Uranus R Leo 5th 24° 41' Jupiter Capricorn 10th 24° 57' Saturn Capricorn 10th 27° 41' Sun Aquarius 11th If you know the personalities of the planets this exercise can add some light to the natal chart. Try it, it is really fun! J
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I would like to learn more about the Nodes of the Moon and how to interpret Karma ties in the Natal Chart. How it relates to past lives, current life journey and lessons, etc. Also, how to meet and use my Spirit Guides and identify my higher purpose in this life. Thanks.
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What's the hardest contract? That is still so fresh to me. As I commented in one of the other blogs regarding Signs, I lost my fiancee last year. We were only together for a year and a half and I used to wonder why we didn't meet earlier. There really were so many opportunities to which we talked about. But I know in my heart, that I was MEANT to be there at the end of his life on Earth. Not just for him, but for his family as well. He taught me about Life thru his death and now it's like I remember . . . He is still very much with me. Interestingly, I have since noticed that his South Node is in exact conjuction to my Ascendant, 24 degrees Aries, also close to my Venus 17 degrees Aries. Does this illistrate a Karmic tie? Thoughts anyone?
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I have definitely been receiving signs this year since by fiance passed over last year, 6/28/09. He talks to me through numbers and letters, yes on license plates, bill boards, etc. His favorite number was 4 and mine is 7 and he always said God's is 1, and I constantly see them together. In fact he walks me to work eveyday. On one particularly lonely day, I went outside at work and saw this huge feather in the sky and as I looked to where it was coming from, it actually appeared to be coming out of open hands and it grew into a huge angel that flew right over me! It made me feel very loved!
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on Do You Believe in Signs? at California Psychics®
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