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Middle Tennessee
Wife/Mother/Reader/Writer/Child of God
Interests: I love to read, write, do all kinds of handcrafts and be inspired to create. I was made in the image of God and since He creates...I do too!
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You painted a beautiful picture. So true, sometimes we need to put the camera down and see with the naked eye. Some things were meant just for us to see in that moment and not to be shared with the world.
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Christy, It's Sunday morning and I'm up ready for church, Sunday School in fact, but I just can't force myself to go. I have not been able to find my niche in Sunday School. It's been a struggle this year. So I just go to the worship service...which is great, but you can't build relationships just going to that service. Please pray that God would put the love of Sunday School back into my heart. Thank you, Deborah
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We truly are kindred spirits!
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Way to go!!! You do some beautiful stuff. Maybe I should look into redoing my blog!
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I was in the same place (still am sometimes) last year. I've read back over my blog for the 6 years and most of my posts were of the insightful, encouraging least that was what I wanted them to be. Then last year crashed into my life...or really two years now. It was this week 2 years ago that my mom was waiting to hear back from the doctor because she wasn't feeling good. I feel that every post I've written since then was pain filled. But I had to write and share what I could. God uses those posts too. So write what is honestly happening to you...good, bad, funny, sad. God will use it!!
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Emily, I am praying today and in the coming days, for your dad, your mom, your brother, and for you and your husband. My first prayer will be for salvation...because that is the most important and will help get through the process of recovery and restoration. Don't give up on them.
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So pretty!!! And I love the new banner you have. Thank you.
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Well, there's a few of the stuffed deer heads hanging around and fish. There is a wall where we hang odd stuff that we find on our walks. My cabinets are painted with sunflowers. We live in a log house, so to break up all the wood, the kids got a wall to paint however they wanted. One is all red and then red trim all around the room. The other is green with a huge black tree covering 2 walls. My dear mil thought we were crazy. But we have fun!
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Taking breaths, laughing, doing absolutely nothing with my loved ones and having the best time doing it. I love your blog. I'm having to tear myself away from it so I can get back to work! Deborah.
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